‘Spongebob Square Pants’ Depicted the 7 Sins! Know How

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Let me tell you something very interesting about ‘Spongebob square pants,’ do you know the cartoon is the depiction of 7 sins according to the bible. Couldn’t connect to what I’m saying? It’s simple; all the characters were committing one of the sins according to the bible which our childish, immature mind failed to recognize.

Recently, I was doing a paper on how thefigure of speech has improved the quality of humor. Then I comprehended my mind that cartoons could not be judged based on simple literal explanations. This is why I have decided to share my knowledge on thefigure of speech to improve English speaking and writing skills.

If you are eager to know which character portrayed what sin, you need to wait and read further to know more about it. As they say “Patience is the skill to count down, before a blast off.