‘Spongebob Square Pants’ Depicted the 7 Sins! Know How

07 Mar ‘Spongebob Square Pants’ Depicted the 7 Sins! Know How

Let me tell you something very interesting about ‘Spongebob square pants,’ do you know the cartoon is the depiction of 7 sins according to the bible. Couldn’t connect to what I’m saying? It’s simple; all the characters were committing one of the sins according to the bible which our childish, immature mind failed to recognize.

Recently, I was doing a paper on how thefigure of speech has improved the quality of humor. Then I comprehended my mind that cartoons could not be judged based on simple literal explanations. This is why I have decided to share my knowledge on thefigure of speech to improve English speaking and writing skills.

If you are eager to know which character portrayed what sin, you need to wait and read further to know more about it. As they say “Patience is the skill to count down, before a blast off.”

More about Figure of Speech

Before that, you need to know what exactly figure of speech is? It is a word or a phrase which has a meaning different than the literal meaning (metaphor, simile, irony, etc.) or the way of improvising the art of pronunciation (alliteration).

You must think the reason why we should use it when we have the option of stating things directly? It is done to break the monotony of writing at the same time add more literary touch so that the reader can brainstorm for better imagination. This might help in enhancing the rarest sense on Earth among people; Common sense! Try and figure out what figure of speech I used.

15 most used figure of speech

  1. Alliteration

It is a poetic technique of framing words in a manner were the starting consonant of the works will sound same. Example:

  • The cold coal cave was deserted for ages.
  • Martha’s best friend is her dear d
  • A murderer’s soul is trapped in a killing c
  1. Anaphora

The substitute word to denote a proper noun means anaphora. This is done to reduce repetition of a word.

  • He, she, this, that, it, us, we, etc.
  1. Anti-climax

It is the way of changing the course of flow of speaking, writing or presenting suddenly. These are mostly unsatisfying conclusion that doesn’t meet the expectation. I do this often to build a great suspense and then break it in the most underwhelming way.


  • As she was sinking, the last thought that came into her head was, “Did I switch off my microwave?”
  • Yesterday I had my best dream and today I have to meet my crazy aunt.
  • The fire burnt down David’s house and all he realized that he lost his cell phone.
  1. Cliché

When we tend to overuse a word in afar more common sense is known as Cliché. It is used to increase the predictability of an event. There are some expressions that have turned into a complete cliché like:

  • In a snap of time
  • Head over heels
  • Silence before storm
  1. Climax

The climax is the crisis point of a plot. I’m sure this word is used daily to describe the highest peak of an event from which there can be a turn in thesituation. Let me give you some examples for a better understanding:

  • The moment he was dying under the burden of loneliness.
  • How destiny played a fool!
  • He looked at me with burning eyes right after walking away.
  1. Epigram

If you know how to imply Epigram, then you have the perfect sense of humor. It adds the tinge of wittiness in writing.


  • More the corruption, more the number of laws.
  • Happiness is just an expensive idea.
  • Everything apart from temptation can be resisted.
  1. Fantasy

Who doesn’t like imagining the world that has no flaws and is your brain child? This is what Fantasy is. Adding magical or supernatural touch to the world of imagination and the way to engage others into the same is fantasy.

There are numerous movies and books that have reference to this like fairytales.

  1. Hyperbole

Everyone needs that oomph factor in life; Hyperbole is the added exaggeration. Get a clearer idea by reading the following:

  • Your bag weighs heavier than you.
  • Strawberries look pale when you blush.
  • I have been into more fights than the number of years I am living.
  1. Hypophora

Imagine the world where the entire questions that arise are immediately answered. This is exactly why hypophora means. This figure of speech answers the question immediately it raises those.


  • You know what the best part of our trip was? It was so bad that it was good.
  • Whom are you going to the party with? Oh! Your boyfriend.
  • Isn’t this the best taco you ever had? I can see you salivating.

Although, too much of usage can get a person really annoyed. The best way in which you can imply is by adding a sarcastic tone. It does wonders!

  1. Irony

Often what we expect we never get that, or we get it in the most unexpected way, that is the Irony of life and also the meaning of this figure of speech. Use it to add a bit more drama to any plot or situation.

To get a better idea, read the following:

  • It started raining right after Melly left her umbrella at home.
  • When he had a lover, he had no money to spend on her. Now he is one of the richest men who spend a load on building her graveyard.
  1. Litotes

Add some positivity while you are writing as you know two negative words can form a positive sentence and we call it Litotes.

  • My room is not that dirty.
  • Spending time with you is never boring.
  • He is not an unimportant person.
  1. Metaphor

When you compare two subjects without using any particular word or phrase to show it directly is known as Metaphor.


  • The poisonous we breathe every day.
  • “The world is a stage.”
  • Don’t try to put all the eggs in one basket
  1. Oxymoron

Have you ever felt an urge when you wanted to bash a person but due to certain reasons you couldn’t? This happens to everyone. But let’s all thank the English Language which has given us a way to establish a person’s stupidity in a sugarcoated way by using Oxymoron.


  • Horribly good
  • Sweet giant
  • Smart Donkey
  • Innovative copying skill
  1. Pun

The quirky way of using a double meaning word or phrase is Pun. This one small word or phrase increases the brightness level of your reading or writing experience.

Know about some of them here:

  • Now we know why dog is your favorite animal
  • He gave his jacket to his dancer girlfriend on a winter’s evening and showed her the best ‘body-shake’ style.
  1. Simile

It is very easy to get confused between simile and metaphor. I hope this will help you to get a clearer idea; Simile is when two subjects are compared literally with the help of a word to enhance its prominence.


  • She is cold as ice
  • He looks like a raisin dried in the sun.

There is many more types’ Figure of Speech that we can use to enhance our writing. If you want some professional guidance to help you more with English, then check Online Homework Help services.

I’m an ‘oathkeeper’; know more about Spongebob square pants

Now, as I have promised to burst the bubble about your favorite cartoon and the deadly sins they committed were:

  • Lust: Spongebob, he wanted and showed “excessive love for and from others.”
  • Sloth/ Laziness: Patrick’s nature very subtly portrayed how lazy he was. In fact, an episode based on it was aired ‘Big-Pink Loser.’
  • Greed: Krabs always dreamt of selling out his ‘Krab Patty’ so that he can earn a lot of money.
  • Gluttony: Spongebob repeatedly was seen feeding Gary and hence he was trappedin the sin of overeating.
  • Envy/ Jealousy: Plankton jealousy against Mr. Krabs as his restaurant was more famous and had more customer than ‘The Chum Bucket.’
  • Hubris/ Pride: Sandy’s pride was that she came from Texas and even after being a non-aquatic soul, she was comfortably adjusting with the rest under water.
  • Wrath/ Anger: Squidward hated himself, his own life and pretty much everything around him.

If you are willing to learn more about English and how to score more with, you should surely read How can good English help you in fetching more marks? Now whenever you talk or write, grab more attention with appropriate usage of Figure of speech.