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Chemistry is a physical science branch that examines the change, properties, structure and composition of matter. Chemistry could be a very complicated course, due to the fact that most of its concepts require the use of practical. Chemistry assignment can thus be very frustrating, if you don’t have the means of carrying out practical to confirm certain factors while writing. You could thus end up submitting wrong values and answers if you do not get a Chemistry assignment help.


Modern chemistry consists of some principles which include:

  1. Matter
  2. Chemical laws
  3. Equilibrium
  4. Redox
  5. Acid and Base
  6. Ions and Salts
  7. Reaction
  8. Energy
  9. Bonding
  10. Phase

1.      Matter

Matter can simply be defined as anything that occupies space and has a mass. Matter consists of particles and could either be a chemical substance or a substance mixture. Atoms, compounds and molecules are treated under matter in chemistry.

2.      Chemical laws

Laws govern most chemical reactions. Laws have thus, often been referred as chemistry’s fundamental concept. Some of the laws in Chemistry include Hess law, Henry’s law, Le Chatelier’s principle, Gay-Lussac’s law, Fick’s diffusion law, Charles’s law, Boyle’s law, Beer-Lambert law and Avogadro’s law amongst others. You will need a thorough understanding of these laws to be able to have a good knowledge of chemistry.

3.      Equilibrium

Equilibrium is a very important and common topic in every branch of science. In chemistry, equilibrium entails the ability of a chemical composition to exist in more than 1 state. For instance, many chemical compounds mixture which has the ability to reach with each other as well as when a substance is available in many phases.

4.      Redox

Redox is the abbreviation for reduction-oxidation. Redox reactions consists of every chemical reactions where the state of oxidation of atoms is changed when electrons or added (reduction) or removed (oxidation). When a substance can oxidize another substance, the substance is referred to as an oxidizing agent, oxidative, oxidizer or oxidant. Reductive substance decreases the number of electrons in another substance and is referred to as reducers, reductants and reducing agents.

5.      Acid and Base

Acid and base is a very important aspect of chemistry and a lot of research has been put into them to explain their behavior. This has given rise to a number of theories including Arthenius, Lewis acid-base and Bronsted-Lowry acid-base amongst others.

6.      Ions and Salts

An ion is a charged molecule or atom which has increased or reduced by 1 or many electrons. An atom is said to be positively charged (cation) in the event that it has reduced by 1 or many electrons leading to the presence of less electrons in the atom than. An anion on the other hand is negatively charged when it increases by 1 or many electrons thereby leading to the presence of fewer protons compared to the number of electrons. Neutral salts crystalline lattice can be formed by anions and cations.

7.      Reaction

When a chemical substance reacts with another chemical substance, a chemical reaction occurs which leads to the creation of another chemical substance. The chemical reaction occurs when 2 chemical substances gets into close contact. Chemical reactions sometimes lead to the dissociation or formation of molecules. This implies that chemical reactions could lead to formation of bigger molecules from smaller ones, or breaking apart bigger molecules to form smaller ones.

8.      Energy

Energy in chemistry is the ability of a substance due to its aggregate, molecular or atomic structure. Transformation in chemicals results in structural changes which lead to a decrement or an increment in the level of energy of the substances.

9.      Bonding

The joining together of crystals or molecules is referred to as bonding. Chemical bonding could be seen as the balance in multipole between negative and positive nuclei charges moviring around them. The ability of an electron-atom bounding is due to the distribution and energy characteristics as opposed to simple repulsion and attraction. Examples of bonding include hydrogen, iconic and covalent bonding.

10.  Phase

Chemicals have the ability to be present in many phases. A phase can be defined as chemical system states that are characterized with bulk structural properties that are similar over a range of temperature, pressure or other conditions.

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry could also be divided into:

  1. Organic chemistry
  2. Inorganic chemistry

1.      Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry entails the study of the reactions, properties and structure of organic materials and compounds

2.      Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry entails the behavior and synthesis of organometallic and inorganic compounds.

Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry helps us to learn about the objects around us and how they relate with each other. It helps us to know about chemical reactions and even the reactions going on inside our body. It also help in production of drugs which helps to keep us healthy.

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