Cancellation and Refund Policy

At our motto is to cater to every student requirements with great precision. Keeping this in mind we have our own set of “Cancellation and Refund Policy” that allows us to stay transparent and professional in our transactions.

Once a payment is made it will be considered final. In terms of refunds permission is required and acceptance will be confirmed based on proper proofs. There can be situations when a double amount is charged once you make payment through credit/debit card. In such cases, we ensure refund of the extra amount charged.  Furthermore, in case of any revision work that is needed post the submission of the assignment, we offer it for free and the service provided is 100% authentic akin to the first time service provided. We would encourage you to take ownership as and when where you are expected to and use our services as a guiding tool. This means, an academic assignment that was intended to be completed by only you, we would motivate you to do that by taking the required hand-holding from us.

Our Refund Policy’s refund policy is applicable under the following two situations:

  • Delay in service delivery beyond the committed timeline.
  • Failure in service delivery.

Anytime we are alerted by the customer/s about failure in delivering the service within the promised date/time with adequate proof, we will refund the whole amount charged with immediate effect.

Things to Remember with Refunds

  • If the assignment is lengthy then we will not be considering refund requests once the service has been already delivered.
  • All modification concerns needs to be voiced up to us within 15 days from the committed delivery date.
  • We will accommodate and address it all within the given 15 days, get our expert team to work on it and provide you with instant assistance.
  • Refund requests will not be accepted if customers do not state precise service problems that went wrong.

  • Any requests for refund can be made by sending us an email or using the chat window of our website.
  • Not adhering to the clauses will result in no refunds.

Become a Proactive Customer to our Services

We always prefer alert and proactive customers. This helps us better ourselves and serve better. In case there has been a delivery date beyond the timeline and the customer doesn’t get proactive in informing us about the same, thereby requesting us to stop processing their service request, we will not be able to refund when asked later.

Our Cancellation Policy

To erase all customer issues related to the cancellation process we have outlined our policy. It comprises of the following clauses:

  • All approval for cancellation requests will finally be sanctioned by our team.
  • If you decide to cancel a service you’ve opted, then spontaneously make the request within 2 hours post the payment. As after that we won’t consider the service requested as cancelled.
  • Cancellation requests don’t apply to projects that have same day delivery deadlines not even after 2 hours of the payment made.

Rules for Revision Requests

For the revision requests, customers need to be aware if the due date committed for the same has exceeded. In such a situation, refunding becomes difficult to incorporate as it is basically a revision follow-up and alterations are given by consumers themselves. The requests are accepted within 14 days from the date you receive the service. Post this time, we won’t be considering revision. If we do, it’s chargeable.

Our Service Terms and Conditions

We follow a set of terms and conditions for refunds and cancellations. Given below are the same so that you and we stay on the same page.

  • Refund requests will be made invalid once you alter your initial requirement that you stated during payment time.
  • Just in case a customer has problems with our services delivered, then a University or College approved mark sheet or score card with appropriate credentials has to be provided that validates low quality service from our end.
  • When consumers make multiple requests for revisions, then we will not be accepting refund requests. Furthermore, such requests will only be accommodated for a few time, that our team finds befitting.
  • If there’s any service request for clarifications or modifications post 15 days, then it will be considered as extra work that will be done by team which naturally will be charged. We will not issue any refund claim beyond one time in such a case.

Last but not the least; we accept proper grading or marking system when our team is working in student projects. We always want to provide customer delight and 100% user satisfaction. Our team of expert writers always works with a mindset to provide high-quality work, updated research, authentic material that matches the client’s requirements.