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Electrical engineering is an engineering field that involves application and study of electromagnetism, electronics and electricity. Electrical engineering is a very wide and vast field that getting your electrical engineering homework done could be difficult and frustrating. There are however various options of getting electrical engineering homework help even though some are easier and more accessible compared to others.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering are classified under 9 sub disciplines. The sub disciplines include:

  1. Computers
  2. Instrumentation
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Signal processing
  5. Microelectronics
  6. Electronics
  7. Control
  8. Power
  9. Related disciplines

1.      Computers

Computer engineers are involved with computer designs. The designs may include supercomputers design, tablets design, PDAs design and hardware design. In some cases, computer engineers also troubleshoot software on computers. There are however software engineers who are more specialized in the engineering of software.

2.      Instrumentation

Instrumentation engineers are involved with devices designs that are used to get measurements from physical quantities including temperature, flow and pressure. A good Physics knowledge is often required to be an instrumentation engineer.

3.      Telecommunications

Engineers who are specialized in telecommunications deal with information transmission through a channel including free space, optical fiber or coax cable. The information would need to be coded in a signal that can be carried at a particular frequency for it to be transmitted. The suitable frequency for the coded signal to be transmitted is called the modulation. The2 major type of techniques for analog modulation includes frequency and amplitude modulation. The type of modulation used would have an effect on the performance and cost of the system.

4.      Signal processing

Processing of signal entails signals manipulation and analysis. There are 2 types of signal: the analog signal where signal differ consistently with information or signals which differs according to discrete value series known as digital signal. A signal processing engineer would require a good knowledge of mathematics as processing as signals requires intensive application of mathematics. Digital processing of signals is spreading fast as they are being applied in all electrical engineering fields including bio-medical, audio, power, broadcast, radar, control and communications engineering.

5.      Microelectronics

Engineers in microelectronics are involved with the micro fabrication and design of circuits which are used in ICs or for individual use. Most popular components of microelectronic include capacitors, resistors and semiconductor transistors. It also covers Nano electronics which involves further reduction of devices to nano levels. Microelectronics engineers require a sound knowledge of chemistry and years of experience to be very proficient. He should also have understanding of quantum mechanics.

6.      Electronics

Electronic engineers test and design circuits that are used in transistors, diodes, inductors, capacitors and resistors. For instance, the circuit in a radio which gives it the ability to rake out all other stations and leave just a single station is a good example. Before ICs were developed, circuits were gotten from components that were discrete which humans could manipulate. These circuits were however very big, requires a lot of power and were very slow. ICs on the other hand are much smaller, require less power, very fast and powerful.

7.      Control

Control engineers are involved in a wide variety of systems that are dynamic and built in such a way that the systems can be controlled to behave in a certain way. Programmable logic controls, microcontrollers, digital signal processors and electronic circuits are used by electrical engineers to create the controllers. Control engineers are needed in airports for propulsion and flight systems of airliners to several new vehicle cruise control systems. They get feedback from systems during the designing and use it to made adjustments as necessary.

8.      Power

Power engineers distribute, transmit and generate power. They are also involved in the design and construction of related devices. The related devices include powerful electronics, high voltage equipment, electric motors, generators and transformers. Many countries supply power to the people from a national grid instead of every individual having to create power which is much more expensive. Engineers on power however sometimes work on systems of electricity that are also not connected to the national grid.

9.      Related Disciplines

Disciplines related to electrical engineers include Mechatronics which involves the merger of mechanical and electrical systems. The systems, referred to as electromechanical systems, have vast applications. Applications include automobiles, aircraft subsystems, air-conditioners, ventilation systems, heating systems and automatic systems of manufacturing. Other related disciplines are robotics, aerospace and biomedical engineering.

Importance of Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a very important field due to the fact that electrical engineers:

  • Provides us electricity to use electronic devices including computers.
  • Helps to make life comfortable such as cooling systems when the weather is hot and heating systems when the weather is cold.
  • Powers our automobiles including aero plane and cars.
  • Led to instant communication through the development of telephone lines and internet.
  • Helped to make our electronics, smaller, faster and more powerful.

Getting Help with Electrical Engineering Assignments

Electrical engineering assignments could sometimes be a pain in the ass. You could be required to find missing variables for an electrical system to function effective. An inadequate knowledge of the electrical engineering assignment would create the need to get electrical engineering assignment help. Several options are available to you when you want electrical engineering homework help. You could consult textbooks, you could talk to friends who are in higher departments, you could consult your teachers, you could check for materials online and you could consult experts online.

Getting Electrical Engineering Homework Help Online

It is possible to get help with your electrical engineering homework by looking up the questions on the Internet. It could however be sometimes difficult discerning and understanding the answers you get online as well as knowing if the answer is correct or not. This makes it better to consult professionals online. The anonymous nature of the internet makes it difficult to know who truly is a professional or not and who would just give you garbage and exploit you. In order to avoid such ordeals, we recommend to you 24×7 assignment help to take care of your electrical engineering assignment for you.

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