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Management is an organization and business function which helps individual to coordinate people’s efforts and ensure they achieve their objectives and goals through the effective and efficient use of resources. Management include controlling, directing or leading, staffing, organizing and planning for the purpose of meeting organizational targets and objectives. Resources that are managed include natural, technological, financial and human resources amongst others. Management study is thus very important as well as management homework. This is because having a good knowledge of management would also affect your personal life as you would also be able to easily go about your daily activities.

Theoretical Scope of Management

Management comprises 6 functions. They include:

  1. Controlling: Controlling entails checking current plans and the progress that has been recorded so far.
  2. Coordinating: Coordinating entails distribution of tasks to staff based on the goals of the organization and ensuring that the right person with the right ability gets the right job.
  3. Commanding: Commanding entails knowing what should be done in a particular scenario and bringing in the right people to get it done.
  4. Organizing: Ensuring that there are people available to get necessary tasks done and that such people are well equipped to carry out the job.
  5. Planning: Putting in place processes and actions that would be required in the future to be able to meet the future goals and objectives of the organization.
  6. Forecasting: Using current factors to predict what would happen in the future in the field of an organization.

All of these functions are necessary towards achieving organizational and personal goals and objectives.

Levels of Management

There are 3 levels of management:

  1. First-level management
  2. Middle-level management
  3. Top-level management

The levels of management are grouped according to authority hierarchy. The first-level management reports to the middle-level management and the middle-level management report to the top-level management.

1.      First-level management

The first level management consists of foremen, section leaders and supervisors. Their major functions include directing and controlling. They distribute task to employees, supervise and guide them on a daily basis. They ensure that the quantitative and qualitative production targets are met. They also channel up employee problems, make suggestions and recommendations. They thus provide performance feedback, career planning, motivation and basic supervision.

2.      Middle-level management

The middle-level of management include department, branch and general managers. They report to the top-level management on the activities of their department or branch. They also concentrate more on directional and organizational functions. They execute plans in the organization according to the objectives and policies of the company’s top-level management. They serve as the link between first-level management and top-level management. Their functions include:

  1. Designing systems of reward for cooperative behavior and their implementation.
  2. Finding and solving issues among and within work groups
  3. Monitor and define performance indicators at group-level.
  4. Designing effective inter-group and group work and systems of information as well as their implementation.

3.      Top-level management

Top-level management consists of executive and non-executive directors who are members of the board of directors. They also include CEOs, vice-president and president of the organization amongst others. Their functions include overseeing and controlling the whole organization. They create strategic plans, policies and decisions for the company in line with the business direction. They are also actively involved in mobilizing external resources. They report to the general public and the shareholders of the organization. They are also involved in governmental and media relations, department coordination, middle-level management appointments, schedules, procedures and budget preparation.

Importance of Management Homework

Management homework helps you to study more on your home about management. This helps you to gain enhanced knowledge and confidence required of a management. Management is a wide course that cannot be covered in the classroom. This is due to the fact that management is organization-dependent. A successful management technique in a factory might not work for a corporate establishment. There is the need to study the management structure of different organizations. The only way you can successfully cover the scope of management as a course is to read personally and widely. Your lecturer, would however, also want to be sure that you are doing just that and the only way is by giving you management assignments.

Getting Help with Management Assignments

Management assignment help can be gotten in different ways. You could consult a management teacher whose experience in teaching would be very valuable in explaining the management homework to you. Teachers often have a good amount of knowledge on the course they teach and can easily guide you through difficult parts of the management homework. Their experience in teaching also comes in handy in explaining to you the assignment in a way you would easily understand.

Close to the teacher is also the teaching assistant who is still learning to become a teacher but has satisfactorily studied management to have been considered for the post. Some of them already also have more than 1 year experience and can thus be reliable.

Another way you can get management homework help is online. The online option allows you to contact management experts from anywhere in the world to assist you with your management assignment. You can also contact them online or get their phone number to call them for more clarifications. The online option seems the easiest, as you would always get someone willing to assist you on the internet compared to the difficulty of getting a one-on-one audience with your class teacher. This is especially due to the busy schedules of teacher.

Using 24×7 Assignment Help

24×7 Assignment Help is an online group of individuals who have the capability to assist students with their management assignment help. Their reliable team consists of teachers, teaching assistants and other professionally certified individuals in management. You can thus get the combined benefits of getting help from a management teacher, teaching assistant or online with them.

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