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Biology is a branch of science generally regarded as a natural science and involves learning about living organisms and life including their taxonomy, distribution, evolution, growth, function and structure. Biology is a very wide field and requires a lot of time, effort and concentration to learn. This has resulted in biology teachers giving their students regular biology assignments so as to help them get more used to the field. Doing biology homework for students can be difficult due to the wide nature of the course. Getting Biology homework help has however helped a lot of students not to only pass their assignment but also know more about biology.


The modern biology has 5 foundations. They include:

  1. Energy
  2. Homeostasis
  3. Genetics
  4. Evolution
  5. Cell theory.

1.      Energy

For a living organism to survive, he will need a consistent supply of energy. Living organism thus has to feed regularly. Energy is extracted from this food through chemical reactions. The function and structure of the body is maintained through the energy extracted from the food. They also help in new cell formations and sustenance.

The process results in chemical substance molecules present in food carrying out 2 functions. Firstly, they have energy which can be converted for chemical biological reactions. Secondly, more molecular structures are formed from the biomolecules.

2.      Homeostasis

Homeostasis entails an open system’s ability to control its internal environment by ensuring that the conditions are stable. This is achieved by regulation mechanisms that are interrelated which lead to many different equilibrium adjustments. Homeostasis is exhibited by every living organisms irrespective of if they are multicellular or unicellular.

3.      Genetics

Genes are the primary units which all living organism inherits. A gene is a heredity unit and relates to a part of DNA which influences the function or form of a living organism in particular ways.

All living organisms including animals and bacteria have a process which translates and copies proteins from DNA. DNA gene is transcribed by Cells into the gene’s version of RNA. The RNA is further translated by the ribosome into a protein. For most organisms the code for translating amino acid from RNA codon is similar, while for some, there is a slight difference. For instance, a DNA sequence that has the ability to code human insulin would be able to also successfully code insulin for most other living organisms including plants.

4.      Evolution

A major foundation of biology is the concept of evolution. Biologists believe that every known life-form originated from a common source. Evolution theory states that every extinct and living organism in the world came from the same ancestor or the same ancestral pool of gene.

5.      Cell Theory

The cell theory postulates that a cell is life’s fundamental unit. It is thus believed that every living thing contain 1 or more cells or a combination of products secreted from those cells such as nails, hairs and shells.

Cells are often formed from other cells from a process known as division of cells. All the cell in the body of an organism started ultimately from just 1 cell in an egg that was fertilized.

Importance of Biology

Biology is very important as it helps us to know about ourselves as humans and the living organisms around us. It helps us a live a healthy life, as a good knowledge of biology helps you to know how your body works and the best way to take care of the body. You also get to know which other living organisms around you are friendly and harmful as well as which to go close to and which to avoid.

Getting Help

Students sometimes require help with their biology homework. When this situation arises, it is always better to look for assistance. There are different ways you can get biology assignment help. These ways include:

  1. Teacher: Your teacher is a good way of getting help for your biology assignment. Your teacher has adequate knowledge to assist you through difficult parts and make you understand. The issue here however, would be availability and accessibility. Your teacher would not be able to attend to every student 1 after the other as he has to teach and probably attend to other engagements.
  2. Teaching Assistants: Teaching assistant helps to attend to students when the teacher is not available. The teaching assistant might however not be as knowledgeable about the assignment as the teacher. Furthermore, it would also be difficult to have time to attend to every student too.
  3. Getting help online: It is also possible to get biology homework help from the Internet. There are a lot of companies that offer these services for student. A very competent and reliable example of such companies is the 24×7 Assignment Help.

Online Help

Going for the online help is the best and easiest method of getting your biology assignment done. You however have to take some caution. These cautions include:

  1. Ensure the individual who is assisting you with the assignment is capable and knowledgeable enough to do the assignment correctly. You should also ensure that you give him all other instructions your teacher might have given and that he understands the instructions. Failure to ensure this might result in an assignment that might not meet the criteria of your teacher.
  2. After the writer is through, talk with him and have him explain the assignment to you. This would not only help you during exams, but also help you have a good understanding of the subject.
  3. After you have had a good knowledge of the assignment, it would be easy for you to read through on your own and make necessary adjustments.

Best Online Assignment Help Option

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