The 6 Best Jobs Scopes for Management Graduates

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The field of management is slowly but steadily becoming a sought after career path of choice. Each year, more and more students are becoming invested in this line, pursuing their MBA’s and trying to crack it at the very top. One of the reasons why this is so is because if you can make it at the top colleges, then there is a lot of money to be earned from it.

There are also many who see it as a last resort and look towards it as a means to do something better than nothing at all. There are also students who pursue an MBA’s without actually knowing how to make it all work. Usually, such people are not well informed about the career choices one can have after getting such a degree in this field.

Fact is the field of management is one of the brightest ones out there if you know what you are doing. It is also very varied in the sense that you get to try your hand at a variety of different career options. You won’t find yourself stuck in one place for too long, which is always a good thing if you don’t want to settle. Regardless, here are the 6 best job scopes that you will get to choose from if you graduate from management.

  • Business Adviser

As you can probably guess from the name itself, you will be advising, coaching and guiding people in the field of business regarding how you can make their corporation run better and get more success. It can be new start-ups with young entrepreneurs who are inexperienced in this field or even large established businesses which have been in the market for a while.

At the end of the day, you will be paid for the decisions that you take and the various advises that you will be given to the higher-ups. Many business advisers initially started as a professional in other departments such as HR or recruitment or marketing and sometimes even banking. It is the experience gained from all of those fields that count eventually.

  • Economist

An economist is someone who uses his knowledge about a particular field to form theories that will help provide specialist advice to business owners. The main objective here is to find and analyses large amounts of data in various fields and try to uncover the secrets that lay underneath them. By ‘secrets’, we are referring to patterns and other sorts of trends that may be happening on a regular basis.

In a way, this is very much related to the field of research but not quite exactly so. Your understanding of information and what they imply is the most prized asset for the company that you work or. Your estimations on things like feasibility, forecasts and predictions are all included in the same package. Using this information, you will be able to make conclusions that lead to greater efficiency for said business.

As a direct result, economics itself as a degree can be pursued in combination with other subjects as well. These include things like:

  1. Finance
  2. Law
  3. Management Studies
  4. Politics
  5. Mathematics
  • Environmental Consultant

Another ambitious option in this field is that of an environmental consultant. Keep in mind, however, in order pursuing something like this; you will first need a bachelor’s honors degree in any subject such as environmental sciences, geology or even hydrology.

It is also required that you have some skills in business. After all, a general awareness in the field of commerce is always necessary for any management post. It is only after you have equipped yourself with such knowledge that you will be able to really ‘consult’ someone. The best part about this job is that you won’t be confined to one place for long periods.

  • Ergonomist

This field of work deals with the different relationships between different people, environments and other equipment. The idea is to find the various patterns of interaction between these different entities. The end result is that we can use these different patterns to find out and predict how human beings would interact with certain processes and systems.

Do keep in mind that you will need to have a knack for numbers, calculations and problem-solving skills in general. You will also need to be very observant about people’s behaviour and how they react to certain scenarios. After all, you will be using this as your reference points for making future predictions.

The overall concept involves a lot of scientific thinking and making use of such information for improving the health, comfort and the global conditions for living. You may find yourself designing new products, working in defence or perhaps even in something as humble as healthcare. The choice is yours.

  • Hotel Manager

Another popular choice amongst individuals these days is that of being a hotel manager. If you are someone who has a genuine desire of meeting people, pleasing and helping others, then this should be the line of your choice. Add to that some knowledge about food engineering in general and you have a good career to look out for. You will also need to look out for general hotel services like comfort, organisation, beverage items, housekeeping and so on.

  • Office Manager

If you are looking for something a bit more humble and less ambitious, then an office manager is just as good a choice as anything else. It may not be as adventurous as some of the options mentioned above but if you can get into an office of high stature, then your career will definitely flourish like no other.

As far as duties are concerned, you will have to deal with things like organization, general IT knowledge, working as a team, your ability to prioritise certain things over others etc. Obviously, some good communication skills are also necessary.

Some of the best career opportunities for management graduates to opt

Management studies rank atop of world’s largest, most interesting areas and most varied career opportunity provider for students. It is one of the most important topics in today’s global economy. To be precise management studies involve acquiring the knowledge of managing resources in various businesses besides the need for managing people.

Management studies include a lot of strategic planning, managing resources, setting objectives, deploying human and also financial assets which are required to achieve all measuring results and objectives. This study also involves the need for the students to have a proper idea of storing and recording facts as well as information which are to be used later by the organisation they are working for. The function of management is not solely limited only to the supervisors and managers of an organisation. There are sets of employers who are given regular management schedules which they are required to meet.

If one expects to have a standalone experience in a business management course, they can delve into some of the most specific areas related to study. In order to maintain the achievements of the students, they’re required to undergo sessions of reading and have to sit for tests. A business management’s course provides an insight into the conventions and principles which are associated with business management. Some of the basic concepts that are being covered in this course include marketing, accounting, compliances for being successful in business by acquiring the skill of managing properly.

In order to test their skills and further enhance their knowledge, students are always encouraged to opt for internships, which will broaden their outlook in management studies and help them to become acquainted with the problems and methods of overcoming these problems. During the course, students will gather leadership qualities and certain accounting qualities which will help them in their future endeavours.

Management degrees offer students a great platform in several topics which are related to business, economics, marketing and financing. Most of the management degrees carry a practical outlook and provides the opportunities to meet professional objectives and complete placements of work. There are much research-oriented management degrees as well to choose from if students are interested in the theoretical aspect of management studies with more interested in studies related to research.

At under graduation level, depending on the chosen institute, students can apply for two sets of management degrees which are Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. These undergraduates’ courses generally have duration for three to four years. Some of the institutes spend an adding year in offering job opportunities for students in the final years of course. Some of the students with scholarship degrees are also allowed to opt for studying in abroad.

Teaching procedures generally involve a combination of seminars, classes and regular lecture sessions. Students are frequently asked to deliver presentations and develop weekly reports. They are also made to sit for group discussions in order to express their thought and ideas. Public speaking skills are enhanced and students grow confident with the passage of every session. Assessment of students’ knowledge generally is conducted in forms of written essays, solving problem sets, completing assignments and dissertations (including group projects) and by sitting for semesters.

During the first year of under graduation course, students are given knowledge about the introductory topics of accounting, computing, management, applications of management, action researches, analysis of business environment, business economics, laws, statistics, management sciences, organization studies, marketing theories and practices, systems thinking, management researches and financial mathematics. As one progresses further, they can choose the desired field of interest and go for master’s studies.

The field of management’s studies is huge. It covers a diverse range of roles, industries and skill sets. Thus, there are a lot of good choices for management’s topics. If students are predetermined and focused on a particular field, then they can choose their desired area from the beginning. Some of the management topics that student encounter is:

  • Organizational behaviour, science or also organisational studies is an interdisciplinary topic which combines psychology, sociology, communication and management. This required the students to gain insight on tackling internal issues, case studies and create new theories within their respective business groups in the future.
  • Strategic management is very closely relatable with organisational behaviour. It mostly involves analysing the actions and major initiatives of top officials of the companies. Strategic management helps in identifying and minimising the possibilities of error and enables a smooth transaction of the companies concerning its external issues. With the help of strategic management, students will get to learn about the foreign problems that the companies face such as the action of their competitors, the demands of their customers and many more. With the aid of this field of management, one will get to learn about the ideas of tackling these issues and conduct various system research programs to ensure smooth working of the company.
  • Human resource management or HRM requires special skills of employees to manage every person within an organisation. This requires the managing authority to select the right people, support career development and ensure that all issues raised by the personnel are appropriately met.

Some of the highest paying careers and job prospects for management students with bachelor degree include the following.

  • Architectural and engineering projects require a lot of skills. A group of personnel are hired by the companies to select adequate workers and skilled workers. Management personnel are also required to coordinate various schedules and set a properly estimated budget limit that can be invested during undertaking these dynamic projects.
  • Information systems and Computer regulating manager’s option is good field to opt, for those who are interested in technology-based works.
  • Companies invest a lot of their fortunes in hiring personnel who can direct and bring out great persuasive ideas for selling their products and commodities thus marketing managing job demand are quite high.
  • Jobs of natural science managers are quite demanding as they are required to ensure proper methods of conducting research projects and their administrative policies.
  • To ensure proper financial health of different organizations, skilled personnel are hired in the post of financial manager
  • If one is well acquainted with the challenges faced during sales and wish to motivate others then sales manager’s post so an ideal job option for them.

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