Finance Graduate And Idle? Here Are the 8 Best Jobs to Help You Earn

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As you cross the threshold to enter your college, it is quite normal to be plagued by worries regarding your major. Having just graduated from high school, college life is something which can be really daunting because of the lasting impact all your decisions will leave behind in your life. Therefore it is not surprising if you are quite concerned before taking any major decision.

One of the major things you will decide about in your college life is the major you are going to choose for your final year. Now this decision depends completely on your aptitude and passion. And most of the studies centered on this topic have found that the most sought after major is that of Finance. There are a number of reasons why most students choose Finance as their major. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Popularity

The reason most students choose Finance as their major is owing to the immense popularity that this major enjoys. It is the most sought after field because of the fact that this field is associated with earning in millions, living in the best cities and getting the lifestyle they always desired.

  • Simplicity

Everyone has a basic understanding of how a business works so based on this knowledge they choose Finance over any other unfamiliar major. Most students also choose this major because of the ease with which they can transition from one job to another. Thus, helping them stay relevant to the changes that might take place in the future.

  • Growth Potential

A major in Finance is also associated with great potential when it comes to growth. In our world, every major event is connected one way or the other to the world of Finance. Our very existence depends on the green bills in our wallets. Hence, it is not surprising that people choose Finance over other majors.

Landing a job as a Finance Graduate

The moment you are done with your degree, you are simply anxious about the offers you might bag. There are a number of ways through which you can get a job offer for yourself. But you need to be careful while choosing the best job for yourself.

Now you must be wondering how to choose the perfect job for yourself. There are a number of ways through which companies might contact you. Some of them are as follows:

  • Campus Placement

This is perhaps the most common way your seniors might have bagged a job. If your college has a good placement cell then you can be assured of landing yourself a nice gig.

  • Networking

Networking is a skill every Finance Graduate should nurture within them. Through a well-connected network you might end up in a coveted position.

  • Previous Experience

Another way to get hired is to hit up your previous bosses under whom you might have interned or worked for before college. There is a good chance that they would prefer to hire a known face over any other candidate.

Top 8 jobs for a Finance Graduate

Now that you know the process of landing yourself a job let us move on to the next part of the job process. It is the identification of the best jobs out there for you. In this blog post we have compiled the top 8 jobs that you can get hired for thanks to your Finance degree. They are as follows:

What are the top 8 career options for students of finance?

Finance is an inseparable part of the human society and that is why students of finance seldom have to face redundancy in the job market. From the aforementioned list of the best career options for the students of finance, we have selected the leading four options and here are the detailed discussions on them:

  • Commercial banking:

As a commercial banker, you need to provide your corporate consumers with credit products, for instance, ready money managing services, rotating lines of credit, collective services, tenure loans, and other permanent revenue products.  As a credit forecaster or financial credit supervisor, you will be required to provide monetary guidance and resolutions that are modified according to your customers’ requirements such as developing their production, purchasing new apparatus, financial support for operational funds, and daily banking.

  • Investment banking:

The investment banking segment of an investment bank assists administrations, companies, and organizations in increasing resources and come to terms on Mergers and Acquisitions. An investment banking job is tremendously challenging with market analysts habitually working 100 hours per weeks.  The struggle for posts is extreme, payment is soaring, and the occupation is of very high profile. 

  • Treasury management:

Treasury management professions consist of making certain that hard cash and economic risks in an industry are appropriately supervised and optimized. The chief concern is to make sure that money is managed for everyday commercial functions at the same time as having a viewpoint for a long-standing approach. The treasury career course can be an extremely motivating and worthwhile division of internal commercial funding.

  • Equity Research:

Equity research experts are in charge of generating investigation, proposals, and statements on investment openings that investment banks, organizations, or their customers may be paying attention to.  The Equity Research Division is an assembly of market analysts and associates at investment banking, an organization, or a self-governing institute.

The most important reason for equity research is to supply shareholders with comprehensive economic scrutiny and suggestions on whether to purchase, possess, or sell a specific investment. Banks frequently make use of equity research as a means of maintaining their investment banking and sales & trade customers, by providing well-timed and first-rate particulars and study reports.

  • Financial Planner

The job to be on the top of this list is that of a Financial Planner. You might think that it is a beautiful dream to have a huge bank balance. But in reality it is an absolute nightmare to handle such vast amount of money. Hence, it is a fact that Financial Planners are the most sought after professionals when it comes to handling money. They are well versed in handling huge amount of cash and investing them in the best plans out there. And it is one of the best paying jobs too!

  • Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts are concerned with the equity and bond markets. Their major role is to study the various changes in these markets and to study their impact on companies, firms and individuals. They also play a major role in identifying the major sources of income from investments made into the stock and equity market.

Their job profile revolves around dissecting the financial statements of various companies and firms. It also includes assessing their market value. Financial Analysts play a fundamental role in mergers, acquisitions and takeovers between companies and other bodies. Thus, Financial Analysts are found in a number of roles all around the industry.

  • Actuary

Actuary is a professional who has cleared the levels of the Actuarial Science course. An Actuary is someone who has a love of numbers as well as a strong mathematical background to boast about. The work of such a professional is designated to identify probable events and their financial consequences.

This is why they mostly work for insurance companies, rating agencies, banking bodies and other similar institutions. They are a number of consulting firms too, who provide their actuarial services. Actuaries are well versed in software programming too as it helps them in their daily work.

  • Accountant

No matter what the size of an organization, they will always need an accountant to handle their accounts. Accountancy is perhaps the most common job profile for a Finance Graduate and should never be looked down at. Being an Accountant is perhaps the first step into the lucrative world of Finance.

Finance Graduate and Idle? These are the Best 8 Jobs to Help You Earn

Have you recently completed your undergraduate studies with finance as your main subject? If so, then probably you have already collected the details about the potential career options available to you now. However, if you have just graduated and are still in a haze about the probable career options for you, then the discussion below is given here exclusively for you:

The basics of a finance program

Put in a few words, finance is the entire undertaking of managing the matters related to money that include investments, planning a budget, lending & borrowing, prediction of the upcoming market trends, the share market activities, and so on. Several topics are there that come under the wing of finance and almost all of them are connected with each other invariably. Among them, some important ones are:

  • Rates of interest and interest spreads
  • Financial takings that include coupon payments, dividends, etc.
  • Financial statements including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and more
  • Cash flow like free cash flow and other forms of cash flow
  • Profit or net wages
  • Outlay of resources
  • Charges of return
  • Bonuses and return of funds
  • Investors           
  • Creating rates
  • Market risk and return
  • Behavioral economics

What are the general divisions of finance?

The financial sector comprises a wide range of topics and sub-topics interrelated to each other. According to that, the core topic of finance can be divided into three specific parts, namely:

  1. Personal finance
  2. Corporate finance
  3. Public finance

Personal finance is all about the income, expense, and savings related to an individual. Subjects like managing one’s income, planning a budget, and creating a comprehensive list of expenditure and savings are taken care of in this section. Corporate finance manages the resource formation of a company together with its financial support and the action supervision implemented to enhance the worth of the business. It also takes account of the devices and investigations employed to prioritize and share out economic assets. Public finance is the administration of a nation’s income, disbursements, and money owing load through different governmental and semi or non-governmental organizations.

What type of jobs can be offered to you?

Since finance is an important matter to be handled deftly in all sectors of the society, the career options available to the students are both wide-ranging and various. Let us have a look at the list containing some of the most attractive roles the students of finance can get after graduating:

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Commercial banking
  • Corporate finance
  • Equity research
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance
  • Investment banking
  • Mortgages and lending
  • Personal or private banking
  • Treasury
  • Wealth management and more.

How to get prepared for the best jobs available in the market

For the purpose of becoming a successful and promising financial professional, you need to get prepared in the early hours. Hard-work and perfect grooming at the appropriate moment will never fail. Apart from acquiring only academic knowledge, try to focus more on your non-technical skills like verbal ability to impress your clients, self-confidence and a commanding personality to make your customers believe what you say, an assertive and optimistic body-language, and so on. You need to have your eyes on all the important economic trends and activities happening around the world. The ability to study and analyze different financial matters related to personal, corporate, or public sectors instantly will be considered as a commendable and significant skill.

So, to put it briefly, these are the most rewarding career options that you can go for after having graduated with finance as the main paper. Pursuing a career in finance is worth the effort only if you are passionate about the subject and are confident about your performance there.

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