How to Make Your Grammar Strong?

07 Mar How to Make Your Grammar Strong?

“You can do what you know how to do, if you know better, you will do better.”

When it comes to education, this is something everyone should believe.As we all use English as the primary language in most of the countries, having a strong base in it is imperative! Now you must wonder, what forms a strong base in English? Grammar is the answer. It as important as digits is in Mathematics.

Bad grammar is a way to ‘Downfall Street’ in anacademic career. If you are reading this article, it suffices the point that you are having aproblem in grasping grammar. You will not believe that only 30% of the English-speaking countries write or talk with appropriate grammatical sense.  The rest don’t speak wrong English, but they have flaws in it. Why so? The answer is theweak grammatical base.

What makes grammar weak?

Before I proceed with some really easy tricks to help you strengthen your English base, I want you to realize and relate to the problems:

  1. Lack of concentration or clear concept.
  2. Using too much of ‘text’ language.
  • Avoiding correction.
  1. Not reading the rules of applying grammar properly
  2. Creating self-proclaimed abbreviations.

But don’t worry, all these flaws can be overcome and you can even master in English grammar easily.

How to improve grammar?

“If there is will there is a way.”If you really want to learn and understand English, all you need to do is follow these steps and reach to the top:

  1. Master the ‘abc’ of grammar

The first and the most important part is to set yourself in a higher position with ‘Parts of Speech,’ this will help you a lot. Being the basic, it sounds very easy but believes me it is the trickiest part just like the primary thing in a sword fight is how you hold the weapon.

The different parts of speech are:

  1. Noun:

Everything around us which is living or not- noun identifies living. It can be a person, place, time, material, etc. there are main 4 types of noun:

  • Common noun
  • Proper noun
  • Collective noun
  • Abstract noun
  1. Pronoun

When we use a name of a person, object or place we try to avoid repeating it. The word used instead of a noun is apronoun. Example: he, she, I, we, this, that, etc.

  • Verb

A word that explains action is known as averb. Example: work, dance, eat, hear, see, talk, etc.

  1. Adverb

When a word or a phrase describes or provides more information about averb or an adjective is known as anadverb. Example: gently. Cheerfully, happily, angrily, etc. it actuallyserves the answer to the question ‘how?’ in a sentence.

  1. Adjective

If you are defining someone or something’s nature or character, Adjective does that. For example:the red car, sweet girl, young students, etc.

  1. Preposition

This helps in establishing position or relation between a noun and a pronoun. Example: on, below, to, under, across, between, etc.

  • Conjunction

The word that joins two sentences without changing the essence or meaning of a sentence is known as aconjunction. Example: Then, if, only, but, so, though, etc.

  • Interjection

At times we need to express the excess emotion. This is known as aninterjection. It is mostly used in exclamatory sentences like Bravo, hurrah, oh, darn, etc. an exclamatory sign is always used after the word or at the end of a sentence.

  1. Learn when to quote, pause or stop

A sentence or paragraph only sounds better when there are halts and pauses at the appropriate places. This is done with Punctuation. This is why you should know the art of ‘stopping.’

  1. Frame properly

It is very important to frame sentences properly so that it doesn’t the sense is complete. It’s best to frame short sentences to avoid making more mistakes.

  1. Stock more words

Synonyms, antonyms, homophones help in improving grammar to a great extent. Why? This way you would know when to use which word to add emphasis to the sentence.

  1. Don’t confuse between the past, present and future

Make sure that you are using a single tense while writing and not mixing everything up. Just stick to one single timeline!

  1. Practice

The only way to success is by practicing more. There is no other alternative topractice. It’s all about ‘do more to get more.’

There are other ways by which you can enhance English skills. If you want to know how to improve your style of writing, read ‘Spongebob Square pants’ depicted the 7 sins! Know how.

5 more ways to improve your grammar

  1. Watch English movies

Movies help you with sentence construction as well as with proper pronunciation. This is an easy and interesting way to learn.

  1. Start listening to more English songs

It’s time you learn all the lyrics of every song of your favorite band by heart. It is not only a good pastime, but it also helps in improving your hearing and speaking skills with proper grammar.

  1. Speak more

Don’t shy away if you can’t speak fluently. Everyone doesn’t know everything. Always remember it’s your effort that decides your career not what comment others are giving.

  1. Read, read, read!

Read every kind of book. Be more open with your choice. This will help you a lot to know which type of sentence sound better in what scenario. I have improved my grammar in the same way.

These are the few but effective ways with which you can improve your grammar. In case if you are looking for some professional guidance then try Online Homework Help Services. With their help, nothing can stop you from achieving the top.