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Everyone from the childhood wished to Hogwarts. They wanted to hold the magic wand and wave it and wait until magic happened. Even I memorized the entire spell that ever written in the Harry Potter book series. Secretly I practised in my room and hoped for the spell would work. But all of these old-school play.

Apart from the play, I invented some of my own spells,or you could say one of my childish acts. This happened when I stuck in homework. One of my favourite chants was “Bring out the topics for debate competition in English“. I read the spell and waved my hand, as a result, I stuck into pressure.

I remember those days. Each hand every moment was difficult when I was assigned with debate competition. Believe it or not, sometimes it was my responsibility to select topics for debate competition in English. As I was the head of our school’s cultural group I had to select the topics for each class for debate.

Have you ever faced this kind of situation? Have you ever felt that you are not able to select a perfect topic for your debate competition? Is this debate competition holding your reputation in your school? Is it your chance to show your hidden talent in class? Don’t worry this blog will guide you to choose the best topics for debate competition in English.

How to select debate topics for English literature?

There are some points to focus when you are about to select any debate topic. It is not like an essay, paragraph or story topics. Choosing a debate topic is difficult. You can’t just write and submit to the teacher. In debate, you have to bring out the topics where you can argue with your opponent.

Here are some prime points to focus on while selecting topics for debate competition in English;

  • A topic should be interesting, so that audience and other student don’t lose the attention from you.
  • Curriculum-based topics always give you extra credit. And you will get initial access to information of debate topic from your syllabus.
  • You can also bring out the topic out of syllabus if the topic is nation/world wise highlighted.
  • The more discussed issue about the nation’s policy or political views can be your debate topics.
  • Don’t bring the topics which are highly complex and students have no idea about it.
  • The topic should be well known to all.
  • The questions should be understandable and easy for the audience to analyze your points.
  • Whatever topics you select they must have enough information to access.
  • Do not elaborate on your topic and bore the audience. Try to keep them engaged with your points.
  • Focus on the time limit that you are given.
  • Whenever you choose topics for a debate competition in English, you must select a side either for or against. And whatever sides you choose you to have to stick to your points and always think that you are right.
  • One most important thing that you must know. When you are debating, reply to your opponent politely, no shouting or harsh language.

Now you know about the things that you must understand while choosing a debate topic. I’m giving you six ideas about topics for a debate competition in English.

A. Educational Topics:

You can choose any topics based on the education system. For example,

  1. Kindergarten and elementary students should not have homework pressure
  2. Children must have enough play time in school
  3. Kindergarten students should have time to sleep if they are feeling sleepy
  4. Each class should have a monthly educational field trip to the museum or zoo or any science lab.

B. Science and Technology Topics:

I know it is your English debate,but you are free to choose any topic from any subject. Science and technology is the most interesting area for choosing topics. And students will find it contentious debate topics. For example,

  1. Gadgets should not be allowed in school premises
  2. Are genetically modified foods harmful for us?
  3. What is your opinion about artificial intelligence?
  4. Should student depend on online homework solution?

C. Healthcare Topics:

This is a wonderful field for your debate topics. So many challenges that are faced by medical professionals.This is a tough job to aware every people about healthcare. Bring out the topics from the medical field gives you not only the knowledge but also the aware audience. For example,

  1. Do you need to know the basic first-aid?
  2. Legalization of marijuana – is it good or bad?
  3. What do you prefer – meditation or yoga?
  4. Is vaccination safe for children?

D. Entertainment Topics:

This field of topics can engage audience attention to your debate. When you are running out of topics this arena not only gives you interesting topics but can also be completed within a small period. For example,

  1. Book or movie which is more interesting?
  2. Is late night party for student affect them in their study?
  3. Is it true that music can release stress?
  4. Accounts in social media – good or bad?

E. Political and Environmental Topics:

These topics are the most highlighted topics. Choosing these topics meaning you are aware of your nation and world. For example,

  1. What do you think about your war policies of the nation?
  2. Should we invest more in nuclear explosives rather than the growth of our country?
  3. What will be the impact on nature of burning of forests?
  4. Should we use paper and let the trees die?

F. Social and Funny Topics:

When your friends have taken your related topics,and you don’t know what to do then this might help you. Funny topics in the debate will entertain the audience. Social topics will help you to gather the attention of the audience. For example,

  1. What is the more suitable for vacation – beach or mountain?
  2. Will you stop smoking for the sake of society?
  3. Pizza or burger – which is tastier?

So there is no worry to choose topics for debate competition in English. You are now free to experiment on choosing topics for debate competition in English for the above fields.

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