Note the Facts That Are to Be Taken into Account Before Taking up English Majors

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For someone who has just completed her graduation in English from one of the topmost high schools of the country, I have become a mentor of sorts for my juniors. It was quite surprising when most of my juniors came up to me quite confused, and asked me as to what are the most important factors that need to be taken care of while choosing out English as the subject for majoring.

Keeping these aspects in mind, I decided to write down this blog to help out those students who are taking up this subject for majoring. I have come across a number of students who have taken up this subject without any proper guidance or may be out of sheer fascination. To ensure that they get a correct path to follow, I have simply noted down some important aspects that need to be taken into account before they take up this subject for graduation.

English: The subject and its beauty

In comparison to other subjects that have a great academic future, the beauty of English rests in the variety of options that it generates and the huge number of streams that it contains within itself. When I had decided on taking up this subject, I remember that I too had been extremely confused about which stream of study to take up.

It is specifically these ideas and facets that I have shared in this blog. Just give it a read!

Facets to be checked prior to majoring in English:

On a personal note, I was very sure of these aspects prior to taking this subject up for graduation. You too need to check out these aspects before graduating with English.

  • Know the reason for taking up this subject

It is said that ‘’Passion drives dreams’’. When I had taken up this subject for graduation, I was a student passionately in love with English. Right from very childhood, I was completely in love with this subject, and with time this passion only deepened. Not everybody would think so, but this is one of the most important factors that needs to be taken into account while choosing a subject for graduation.

So, I would definitely state that when you take up English as a subject, you need to be very sure that you know why you want to take this subject up and what are your dreams associated with it.

  • The position of the academic institution in respect to the subject

This is another important point that you should take into account while taking up English as your subject for graduation. I had specifically checked out those colleges where standard of this subject was at the highest and categorised them for applying.

Once you have decided on choosing this subject up for majors, make sure that you too should take into consideration these factors.

  • I had made a list of those academic institutions where reputation of this subject was at the highest.
  • I had then categorised it as per other factors as my budget, available rates of scholarships and distance from my residence.
  • Also, you need to check out whether that specific college offers internships regarding English and what its specific details are.

I would surely state that I was fortunate enough to find a college that matched all my requirements, and my graduation life was definitely one to cherish all my life. So, it is advisable that you too should be aware of these details when you have decided on taking up Majors on this subject.

  • The faculty and its reputation

This is a major aspect that you must check out when you have taken up English as your subject for graduation. I would like to share an incident here, where my friend who had taken up Biology as her graduation subject faced a miserable situation. As we had made a checklist of the points that had to be checked when searching out an ideal college, she had missed checking on a college’s faculty.

Though she was a part of one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, yet, the faculty in her chosen subject, Biology, was with due respect not up to the mark. Naturally, for a constant three years, I saw her suffer and not get that adequate help.

Hence, it is important that while you take up this subject, you are sure of certain aspects.

  • Make it a point to check out details of the English faculty of your chosen college.
  • There are a number of professional websites that provide immediate details in regards to faculty members. So, make it a point to check out details of these websites as well.
  • Also, this is something that I did and you too can to get a better viewpoint. Do attend a demo English class at your chosen college to get a fair idea of what you will get.

If I had a lovely and eventful graduation life, then the major factor happens to be that I had checked all these details well in advance. Well, not just English, but there are other subjects as well for which you need to keep a check on a number of aspects. In case you wish to have a better idea, you can surely check out what are the important points to note before taking up Geography as a Master’s subject?

  • Which papers are to be chosen and their demands

English as a subject provides a number of streams to choose from. Most importantly, as I have seen in my years of graduation and currently Master’s program, the diversity of these papers are also great to every extent.

I had specifically concentrated on postcolonial and American literature in my graduation program and most importantly my college also offered these two courses. However, in case you are sure as to what you want to take up in your graduation program, you need to check if your college is providing that.

As an experienced student, I would surely state that you need to be sure of certain important aspects.

  • Make sure you are well aware of the paper or stream that you have chosen for yourself is present in that specific college.
  • In case you are not sure of the stream or paper that you wish to choose, you can fall back on the options given by the college and make a choice accordingly. This will help you in choosing your specialisation paper easily.
  • Also make sure that your chosen paper has certain opportunities post-college level also, such as pursuing it in Master’s or carrying on with a research program on it.

I was very particular about these things when I had taken up my English majors’ course. You too should think about it.

  • What are the career options open

With due respect to my passion, I had also checked out career options that are available in regards to this subject. This point came to my mind when I saw one of my seniors in college, who had taken up Financial Analysis as his major paper faced joblessness due to a slump in the market.

Though English as a subject has a number of options before it, however, it is important that you keep a check on which career option you would like to choose post your completion of the degree.

Thus, I can surely state that while I made my choice, I had ensured that all these details were taken into account. You too need to keep a check of these details. Also, in case you have any doubts, make sure to email us back!