What are the important points to note before taking up Geography as a Master’s subject?

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It was in one of those usual interactions with various parents during a parent-teacher session that I was faced with a certain query by a troubled mother. Being a counsellor, it was quite common for me to face queries associated with education and provide correct solutions to those.

However, when a quite troubled mother who asked as to what would be the most important factors that needed to be taken up while choosing a Geography Master’s program, it is then that I realised the major issue.

Though most of the children take up their chosen subject in their Master’s level, yet we have seen in the past couple of years that there has been an increasing number of dropouts from such Master’s programs. This made me realise some of the inherent problems that were a part of this Master’s program that needed a proper guidance.

Problems faced by students at Master’s level:

I have faced various situations wherein students have come up to me and stated that they were not happy taking up their Master’s subject. Not just that, they were also distressed about certain major mistakes that they had committed while choosing their University and subject for Master’s program.

In such a scenario, there are certain general suggestions that can be given to students to ensure that such mistakes are not made in future. However, when it comes to specific subjects, as I have seen these demands and choices change considerably.

In this recent meeting that I attended, a mother whose son had taken up Geography at Master’s level was now facing the glitches of it. In fact, he was on the verge of quitting the subject. Keeping that in mind, the mother wanted to clarify those details that were to be checked before dealing with this subject at Master’s level, so that other guardians too could get an idea regarding notable points.

Aspects to be checked before taking up Geography as Master’s subject:

In present times in case you have noticed, the demand for Geography has increased considerably. With more and more students opting for this subject in graduation and Master’s level, both chances of making mistakes and scoring brownie points are increasing.

As a counsellor closely associated with this field, I would like to give a detailed analysis of certain details that should be followed while taking this subject up at Master’s program.

  • Make a correct choice of the University

I am sure all of you when taking up Geography as your Master’s subject must have a chosen University in your mind. Well, let me aware you that dream Universities have their set of negative impacts since important issues are not taken into consideration when choosing that ideal University.

In such a scenario, it is important that certain other points are taken into consideration to ensure that your chosen Master’s program does not see a downhill. Keeping these features in mind, I would like to specifically place before both parents and students a set of queries that should be made prior to making a choice.

  • A student should be well aware of the position of that University in regards to the subject of Geography that he or she has finally chosen.
  • There are a number ofprofessional websites available that provide details of the faculty members of every University. I suggest that a student must go through this to ensure that the specialised paper that has been chosen has a qualified professor to support it.
  • I have seen that financial issues are quite a big problem for most of the students, and at times due to this, they cannot continue their Master’s programs. In such a scenario, it is advisable that students should check out what available discounts and scholarships are there.

As a counsellor, these are those primary facts that I have categorised as most important factors.

  • Ensure that your special paper has high market demands

There have been numerous students who have come up to me stating that their chosen Master’s program has not yielded the required job. Geography as a subject has a high opportunity in the professional market. However, that specifically depends on what special stream or papers that you have taken up.

Under such state of affairs, it is advisable that you take care of certain factors before finalising your choice.

  • I would suggest that you run a quick check showing the credibility of your chosen paper to understand where it stands in terms of demand.
  • Also, you must check out whether you are comfortable working in that zone. There are many prospects of Geography that yield high profile jobs. But it is not necessary that your paper will do it as well. So, make sure that you have a fair idea of the happenings of your chosen special paper.

You can check out the similar aspects even when you are planning on majoring in other subjects. By checking out Note the facts that are to be taken into account before taking up English Majors,you will get a fair idea of those aspects that needs to be considered before taking up such an important academic decision.

  • Know details of the internship opportunities with your University

As I have mentioned before as well that for a student who is willing to take up a Master’s program in a dynamic subject as Geography, having a practical knowledge of that chosen field is very important.This gives students an idea of the future career options regarding that special paper.

In this case, as well I would suggest that before taking up Masters in Geography, certain points should be considered.

  • Check out what are the internship policies in Geography Master’s program in your University.
  • Also, be specific whether that particular internship program suits your special paper or not.
  • Check out career options post the Master’s degree

This isdefinitely the biggest concern for one and all! Though as a subject, Geography has immense potential and a wide number of career choices, however, most of the students are not even aware of the details.

In this regard, I would surely state that before you enrol yourself in the Master’s program, you need to check out what careers are there for your chosen stream. Once you are sure that you would be comfortable in that particular zone only then take up this subject at Master’s level.

I would state that before you choose Geography as your Master’s program, you must be rest assured that these factors would be checked properly. As a counsellor, these are the major points that I would put more emphasis on. In case you have any other ideas please feel free to share your thoughts.