What Are the Career Options for a Student of History Majors?

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Being in this job of a career counsellor for close to a decade now, I have seen students take up a number of subjects in regards to career options that are provided by those. Gone are the days, when passion for a specific subject would solely drive one’s choice for graduating in that and pursuing further studies.

In present times, the need to have a positive and blooming career post a graduation degree is of utmost importance. Hence, more and more students are keen on taking up those subjects that provide specific growth options in the market.

However, there is another important point to note! From personal experience, I have seen that there are certain subjects that students do not bother to take up since they apparently do not provide instant career options. Quite surprisingly, History, as I have noticed, has become such a subject.

History: The quaint subject

‘’Ma’am what kind of career apart from being a teacher can I have with history?’’ I was asked this question by a high school student when she came for a career counselling session. What was quite shocking was in spite of her marks in that subject being quite high, and her interest in historical events and the subject, in general, being quite profound, she was not keen on taking this subject up for graduation or Master’s program.

It was then that this fact dawned on me that most of the students who were leaving this subject out were not even aware of the career options that were there in regards to this. It was their lack of knowledge that was driving them away from this subject with time.

Hence, I would like to enlighten all those students who have doubt regarding this subject, as to what are the career options that are there for a student who majored in History.

Career choices for a History Major student:

To most of the student’s surprise, there are a plethora of career options that are present for any student who has majored in History as a subject. All you need to do is check out which option suits you the most.

Here, I would like to share that one of my known student’s happens to have a job as an archivist with quite a handsome pay. So, you too need to check out these options for yourself and see what suits you the most!

  • As educators

This might sound very boring but let me assure you that it has a very good pay cheque and quite an honour associated with it.

Gone are the days when teachers were mainly viewed as individuals in schools and colleges who were primary sources of gaining information. In today’s times, educators have a variety of roles associated with them.

Here are some of the options that are present before them:

  • A history major student is seen as a teacher at the secondary and college level who focus on communicating ideas and research related topics with students.
  • They have a career as educators in various historical museums and sites. In these places, they act as docents, guides, curators and educational directors.
  • Also in case of post-college teaching related jobs, they can find work as public historians, historical consultants, historical filmmakers and contract archivists.

I can surely assure you as I have seen that these careers not only give students anchoice in this rush, but also help them carve out a personal identity. In case you are not convinced, I should inform you that the pay cheque starts from $35,000.

  • As research scholars

‘’History has a start but never an end!’’ The chances for research options and finding out new theories in historical prospects never end. Rather the purview of research keeps on increasing.

Here I would suggest for any history major student to take up research work in their particular field of choice. It is to be noted that there are a number ofprofessional websites that are present that could help a student to kick start this research work.

Also, as a career option, a research scholar starts off with a salary package of $39,000-40000.

  • As information managers

For those students who have a tinge of management in their blood, I would surely suggest this career for them. As history has numerous documents to protect, hence an additional one or two year course in library management could actually land you quite a plum job in this sector.

I have seen quiet some students who have earned a degree in library science to pursue this career option. This includes archival management, resource management, maintaining the records and information and library ship. With a salary that starts off from close to $37,000, this can be deemed as a solid career post the graduation degree in history.

  • As writers and editors

Having a very important role in writing down history books for future generations, there are a number of educators who have completed their graduation in history and have taken up this option as a career.

As editors in publishing houses, they proceed to become documentary editors and broadcast journalists. Also as public historians, they have an important role to play in planning of the government and analysing of financial prospects based on the current market scenario on historical basis. For a documentary editor, the pay cheque begins from $ 31,000.

  • As advocates

If you are wondering as to what connection law has with history majors, then I would take this opportunity to unveil this. One of my old students who is currently associated with one of the topmost law firms of the country was originally a history major.

Students with a graduation background in history can act as lawyers and paralegals especially cases that have historical reference in context. Also, they provide litigation support in a number of government organisations, and form an important part of Foundations as officers.

Thus, with a graduationdegree in history, students can surely find themselves a position in such organisations.

  • In business domain

As a history major student, be sure to find yourself working as contractual historians, or in government headed corporations as historians. What is important is that, as per present trends, students with history majors have found a very important role in public utilities and extractive industries. The pay packet in this case starts off from a $45,000.

So, are you now convinced about the options that you have in case you wish to take up history as your Majors subject? Are you aware of any further details? Or do you have any query? You can surely contact us!