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A narrative essay is one of the various categories of essays that all of us have encountered in our academic life.A narrative essay tells a story, which is about an experience or occurrence of the past. It can be a memorable moment in a person’s life as well.It has either happened in the past or is occurring now. Narrative essay ideas are aplenty on the internet.

It is the author’s point of view and is narrated in a conversational style and casual tone. The features of the narrative essay.

  • The first part of the narrative essay is an introduction. It tells the reader, what lies beyond. The plot is vividly presented in a narrative essay. Narrative essay ideas can be obtained from life’s experiences.
  • Real life incidents and dialogues are an important part of the narrative essay. They give life to the essay.
  • The whole event should be present in front of the reader or your audience in a manner, like a show id on in front of their very ideas. The written words should translate into pictures and transport the reader to an imaginary world.
  • The characters, the location, the story should all be explained in such a manner, to recreate the situation in the readers’ mind.

Why do students scoreless in narratives?

The main reason behind is bad writing skills.Writing involves the correct use of grammar, spellings, sentence construction, knowledge of tenses and other parts speech. So, I would like to suggest all the students out there, a few pointers that can help in proper writing. It is a skill that can be developed. It is a type of creative writing, which follows some basic nuance of writing. Before writing narratives, go through some Narrative essay ideas.

  • Start practising your basic comprehension and grammar. This is where you can start now. Understand the various types of sentences, like interrogative, imperative, exclamatory as well as simple, complex and compound types. All of these are important prerequisites in writing the best narratives.
  • The key to fluidity in writing is practice. Write and practice as if your life depends on it. Nowadays, you get a few softwares that even correct you, as you write.
  • And, the most well-known method to write well comes. Read, read and read. Read more and read anything and everything that comes to your ways. The best writers are voracious readers. Read journals, blogs, newspapers, storybooks, novels, web stories and more. Do not stop at anything. Do not neglect anything, as every piece of writing is essential for you.
  • I took night classes and workshops to correct my writing skills, so can you. As soon as you join these classes, you come across peers who have the made the same mistakes as you. Discuss, your mistakes,and there’s as soon as there is an exchange of ideas, you can gain a lot.
  • Identify one or two authors and go through their style of writing. Find out, what these pieces if writinghas, that interests readers. Try to identify those and inculcate them into your style of writing.
  • Emulate known writers and those you admire. That is half the battle won. You can get some great ideas from copying. But, keep in mind to overcome this practice as soon as your ideas start taking over.

Coming back to why students get bad marks in compositions.They lack the following:

  • Reading and interpretation skills.
  • Analysing skills.
  • Planning
  • Grammatical usage
  • Organisation
  • Communication

Firstly, a student lacks the above skills. This leads to scoring fewer marks in writing exercises, like essay writing. The key is practice, here. Nothing can replace this activity.  Then they try to memorise. This is the biggest mistake that a student can make.

Good Narrative Essay ideas

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