How to Write a Body Paragraph – Answer Your Questions Today

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There are various types of writing that start from junior school and goes on till college and university. The essay is the most common form of writing that we encounter today. So, it is extremely important to master this form of writing. This can take us places. There are various types of essays. And the few things common in all types of essays are introduction, body and conclusion.

Every essay has these three things.It is incomplete without these. There are various types of essays like a narrative essay, descriptive essay, expository essay, persuasive essay, comparative essay and so on.  Then there are research papers as well. It is a dissertation. The body paragraph is common to all these forms of writing. How to write a body paragraph?This is an ongoing question.

Let me tell you all about the different forms of writing.

  • Narrative essay –

It tells a story in the first person. It can be a personal experience from the author. These essays convert written words into imagery.

  • Descriptive essay –

These essays describe a place, event, person or some other incident.

Then come to the expository essay.  This type of essaysets forth an idea. These essays are factual. These are based on facts and figures. There should be enough evidence and crystal clear transition from one type of sentence to another.There should be a proper thesis statement.This can be the introductory paragraph of the essay.

There is a strong essay type. This type of essay is accompanied by reasoning, evidence and it is out to prove a point. It consists of the important parts like all other essays, like introduction, body and conclusion.

Then there is a comparative essay. So, there are various forms of writing and the one thing common in between all these forms of writing is the body paragraph.

How to write a body paragraph?

It is here that we get to put all the important points, descriptions about the contents of the essays. The main idea of the essay is put forth in this part of the essay. The basic structure of the body paragraph is:

  • You should start jotting down the most important thoughts and ideas about a particular topic in this part of the essay.
  • It is here that you have to mention all your supporting pints.
  • Make sub-headers and elaborate on all these ideas. You can also write a summary of all these points in your body paragraph.

How can students write a strong body paragraph?

A strong body paragraph forces your readers to accept a point. Their support proves and explains the passage that you have written to the readers. How to write a body paragraph?The first step towards writing a body paragraph is:

  • Insertion of a topic sentence. These appear at the beginning of the essay in academic writing. Ask a few questions to yourself, when writing the topic sentence. How can you do the job mentioned? Why is the paragraph important?What point are you trying to prove through the body paragraph? Once, you answer these questions; your body paragraph gains some ground.

Relate your topic sentences to your thesis statement. It should have an argumentative proof. Use the topic sentence in such a manner that it gives the paragraph a fair amount of support.  Some paragraphs, do not need a topic sentence.

  • Then comes the explanation part. Explain the topic sentence to your readers. You can write 1-2 sentences on the same.
  • Next comes the introduction of evidential Most of the academic papers need evidence in support of the claim that you have made in the essay. The evidence should be integrated well into the body paragraph and should be mechanically and emotionally connected to the body.

You can introduce the quotes here. Do not forget to mention the source of the quotes and also put citations properly.

  • Next, introduce the evidence.

How can you write good body paragraphs in essays to impress your examiner?

Now, you know, how to write a body paragraph?I will help you further. Maintain paragraphs structure, so that reading and comprehension is easy.When we all are something, we do not like it, if our concentration is broken. We want to see the argument and the evidence mentioned clearly. We would never like to stop and repeat the paragraph isn’t it?

So, signposting is an extremely important part of writing body paragraphs. It gives structure to the paragraph. You can write the body paragraph using tried and tested methods of essay writing.

They are the use of technique, effect, explanation and link.This is the best structure of writing that academic students can follow, for the error-free writing of essays. Use a proper technique to write the essay. Write the body paragraph, incorporating good evidence. This has been already told previously. I want to reiterate so that you do not falter again.

You can tabulate your notes, before finalising them. Recap thesis statement and topic sentences, before carrying your work forward. Explain the technique properly to the readers. Introduce the examples, name the method and discuss the effect of the technique, correctly.

Always, explain to the reader, why you are doing such a thing. A reader is your best critic, always remember what questions can arise in the minds of the reader. Still get a first-hand impression about the reader’s educational background, want and desires before forming the completing line of the body paragraphs.  Now, this question is getting answered quite easily “How to write a body paragraph?