How to Write a Narrative – Let Us Find Out

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So, when was the last time, you wrote that horrible essay and fetched those insulting marks? It was in the last term, just a year back. This is your answer,and you are not the only one to cry over essays. There is no formula to writing an essay. This is a fact.

Thousands of students across the globe fear this academic subject of essays. Most have this question on their mind when looking for essays on the web. How to write a narrative?It is a type of essay. The narrative essay. We will find out soon.

I am writing this for all your worried souls out there. First of all, in order to write that essay, de-clutter your mind. This is the first and foremost step. Once you come across an essay topic, several thoughts cross your mind. Let all the ideas revolve around your brain. You can never plan ahead, as essays are mostly unseen in most examinations.

You can only read through numerous probable essays and write them down in your own words. Do not ever try to memorise an essay.

The process of Essay writing

Once, you come across an essay topic, several thoughts and ideas cross your mind. Let the ideas flow and do not try to zero down on some preconceived idea too quickly.

  • You can start with rough work. We go by it, since childhood. Do some free writing. Just write, whatever crosses your mind. Your practice writing need not be organised.
  • Next step is to connect each idea to the other. Visualise the ideas and brainstorm more.
  • Then, you can narrow down to a point. As you simply cannot go about writing every pint that crosses your mind. You will have a word limit to cater to, remember?
  • Now, you need to categorise into an introduction, body and conclusion. A very introduction is a must, as it will allow your readers to reflect on the forthcoming points that you are going to cover in the essay.

It can make or break your essay. In the case of your teacher, a powerful introduction can compel the teacher checking the essay to give you full marks then and there. The opposite would just create unsatisfactory results. Your teacher or examiner may not read further.

  • You can find go about writing your essay in the best manner suitable to you. You need not stick to any idea which may be suitable to others. The approach for each one of you is different.

In my case, I have always scored good marks in an essay in my academic life. Ideas just flew. I just had to categorise those ideas and put them on paper. Your brain opens up to a whole lot of ideas when you read a lot. Watch a lot of news channels and talk shows,and you are ready.Essay writing is a process, not the destination. You start from a narrow alley and move onto a playground that is how it is.

The Narrative Essay – What is it?

This is an informative essay. It is different from the descriptive essay. It informs the audience about events and facts. It will always have a good plot, on which the whole essay will be based.

The step-by-step guide – How to write a narrative?

Before you ask me how to write a narrative, I will make it easy for you.

  • Selection of the topic is very important. Find out more about the audience and then finalise on the topic. A misdirected topic can be a waste of time.The topic should not be already available on the internet, it should be difficult to source and it should be worth studying. Keep yourself in the audience’s shoes.
  • Search for evidence to support your narrative. Create a structure. Divide your plots into the entry zone, central portion and the conclusion.
  • The information ought to be provided in the first person in the narrative kind of essay. You can use ‘I’ in most place in the narrative. This is because the point of view is yours. You have to describe your narrative well. It should be presented as a video in front of the audience. The pictures and imager should float in front of the viewer’s eyes.
  • After you are done with this, edit. This will enable you to remove the things that are not required. Stress on the important points and remove the parts that are not essential to the main plot of the story. Avoid the use of jargon, repeated words and transform complex sentences to simple ones. That does half of your work. Are you still in the same question mode ‘how to write a narrative?’  You are going great.
  • Now do the checking and re-checking part. It is called proof-reading. How many of you remember having done that during your examinations? None, I believe.Check for grammatical mistakes, spaces and spellings. These count a lot and I am not joking.

Topics for Narrative Essays

All through my school life, I have attempted these essays and even scored well. Thanks to the best teachers that I came across in my life. You all may not be that lucky. However, a little study and reference to help. The various topics are –My first day at school, my best teacher, a trip of a lifetime, a picnic in class seven, in eighth grade, I attempted these topics and was overwhelmed to get great marks. How to write a narrative, this is easy now.

They are a birthday to remember, a transfer due to dads’ job, A disappointing journey, Rebellion against parents. These are afew examples that I can give you. The rest is up to you, to decide and write from the depths of your mind. You have to think; this is indeed a prerequisite.

How to write a narrative is an easy question now? You are quite adept at handling these essays now, aren’t you?If this question of How to write a narrative still comes to bother you, take professional help. This is the best option in today’s era. Many are there to help you.