Most Helpful Apps Every Student Should Have

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Yes, we understand the struggle of the students of schools and colleges. It becomes so tough to remember all the appointments and deadlines together. Sometimes writing down in a paper and dairy also does not help in recalling the things. Especially when we always carry the smartphones with us why not utilising it to the fullest? So it is mandatory to know apps every student should have.

Wondering how smartphones can even help? It is as simple as that. There have been so many apps which can make your works as easy as anything. So now let’s get a clear idea about the apps every student should have. In this world of time management, the apps help us in doing every important work. That makes life easier, safer and exciting. Some apps will help you to chat, take notes, set alarms, reminders and every possible activity that is related to your day to day life.

So now just take a look at the apps every student should have on their cell phones:

  • Lecture recording apps:

Afew years ago students had undergone through a great struggle when they had to sit in their classes and take down notes of the teachers or the professor. That was such a waste because you can’t focus on two activities at a time. What I exactly mean is you can either concentrate on your writing part, or you cannot take down notes and only focus on the lectures. In that case what about the notes? So to avoid such situations, the app developers have developed lecture capture and sound note for iOS. These apps will help you to capture the lectures, and you can easily listen to them with no hassles at all. So you can see how this app will help you save your time and money with no hassles at all.

There are also related apps where you cansimply click photos of the white boards and then convert them into pdf or word forms.

  • Apps for revision:

Yes I know that would make you astonished but indeed this kind of apps does exist. It has become a real big business these days, and this one app is never like before. No one could get even an idea about a revision app. It is true that this app had made revisions very fun. Well in apps like study blue you can either make your own flashcard or even keep your revisions up with the existing ones.

  • Again apps like GoConqr, have facilities like creating revision charts, mind maps, etc. you can even interact with your friends through it and form a collaboration on a worldwide basis.
  • Apps that help to prepare for the exams:

The students who already know about this kind of apps have even started utilising it. This app is more useful for exams like MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, GRE, etc. mostly used by the graduate students as it is most helpful for the admission tests. Such an app is Bench Prep which allows the students to connect with the test takers and you can imagine what is next! TCY exam prep is another Android app that also helps in exams like MBA/CAT, GRE, GATE, etc.

  • Student planner:

The other most interesting app that can help students of schools and colleges. The reasons for the apps rising popularity is very clear. It helps save paper and time as well. The best thing about this app is its systematic presentation. So you can set your plan for a week, and the app will help you to remind about your have to do work and also the future activities. Some of the mobileplanner apps are timetable an android app, my class schedule the other Android app and coursecalendar for the iOS.

  • Apps for video calling:

This is the other most common app that will help you to connect with classmates or the tutor face to face. It is mostly useful for the student’s perusing online courses. With these, they can interact with the teacher face to face and can remove all the doubts. Every small app now facilitates this video calling anadvantage. In fact now in this day’s interviews for jobs or admissions are also being taken over these apps.

  • Safety apps:

Due to the increased corruptions and mishaps in the recent days, some apps have been developed keeping in mind about the securities of the students. These apps basically locate the victim and send alerts about the danger to their selected friends. The GPS tracker helps in finding the locations also. Therefore this is the utility of this app. bSafe, bugle, react mobile are some of the android apps and circle of six is the another similar iOS app.

Therefore I have listed up very few apps every student should have on their mobile phones. So what more? Keep yourself updated and move on for the best days ahead!