Top 10 App Ideas for College Students

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College is not only about fun and partying, but you also need to get your act together before the semester knocks at your door. In modern times, students use different applications in their gadgets not only for entertainment but also for their studying.

Both android and windows provide dozens of applications which are very much useful and informative for the college students if you want to keep up good grades throughout the years. After all, only your grades are going to help you to get a job after college.

There are few app ideas for college students which will of benefit if you are a literature enthusiast or a science graduate!

Here are top 10 app ideas for every college student should immediately download on their phones:

  • com

If you need a vocabulary building app, this is the perfect one for you. Other apps have limited sets of words, but this one will fulfil all your English learning needs with 2m definitions. The main app is free. It has a search history, origin of the words, word of the day, antonyms, synonyms, a thesaurus and much more.

The IOS version has built up a total 4.5 stars over 43k ratings, where the Android version has more than 61k ratings.

  • do

Organising your assignments is the most annoying and the most useful task ever to do! Not to worry anymore, though, is here to help you out. This app is handy to create a basic to-do list which can be synchronised and can be used for other devices too. You can add entries to the to-do list, or mark a job to be completed. You can also use your voice to create task other than touch.

  • ly

This is one of the great app ideas for college students if they need to keep an eye on what is happening in the outside world. Back to back classes, part-time jobs, friends might keep you busy the whole time, but this app lets you merge all the news into one feed. This is one of the best RSS aggregators. You will get notifications each time something new happens.

  • Scribd

Scribd is the biggest online library available. It helps the students find any documents or books from the millions stored.  You can also create your library of relevant books and documents which can be shared with your friends too.

  • RefMe

Do you have a paper presentation this week? Doing bibliography and references can be the worst part of research. Here comes RefMe in rescue. If you scan the book’s barcode, you can get an adequately formatted bibliography entry.

  • com

This is a free app for personalised financial managing service. Time and money are the two most significant things to take care of in college. If you start using it in college, by the time you graduate, you will learn enough from their personalised finance information.

  • Cliffsnotes

This is one of the essential app ideas for college students who are studying literature. This app will provide you info about the plot, theme and summaries about the book you have read. It also offers you a detailed discussion about a particular character.

The audio version of this app is also available, so you can listen to all these stuff while going to college or a walk.

  • iTunes U

If you are using an Apple device, you will be glad to know that iTunes U gives you access to various educational courses across the globe. Have you ever dreamt of studying in Oxford, Cambridge or Yale? Well, now you have a chance to do it from your home.

Download this excellent app and learn different subjects from the renowned colleges throughout the world.

  • Studious

I had an awful habit of forgetting the deadlines of the projects in college. Well, now you have a saviour for it. Studious is an amazing app which will remind you the time limits, time of your test or the next lecture you have.

All you can to do is put the info about your class, time, test, etc., and this app will give you the reminder just in time.

  • SelfControl

Social media is the primary reason of distraction while studying. SelfControl is an amazing app idea for college students, which is created to block some websites for a particular time. So when you are doing your assignment, you can block Facebook or Twitter or Instagram for an hour or two, so that the notifications do not tempt to look at the social media.

There are other amazing app ideas for college students, but we jotted down the ten most useful of them for you. Other than that you can download different useful apps like LinkedIn, which will help you in a professional way to find a job after college or maybe a part time job. There are much more as well.

Professional websites are there to help you out. If you have a windows phone, you can find information of the top 10 apps for college students with windows phone.