Top 15 Apps for College Students Windows Phone!

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Windows phone is often denounced for not having enough numbers of applications.  Especially college students require an extensive range of modern apps to make their busy life trouble-free. I am going to give you a list of few amazing apps for college students Windows phone here.

Have a look; you might find these apps exciting to make your study purposeful:

  1. DropBox

DropBox in a multipurpose app, not only for saving files, but also gives you a reminder if you forget something for your assignments.  This is a life saver for any student like me, who fails to remember half of her projects.

  1. Note plus

Taking notes in a class is now easier with this app. You can create a note and save it in a particular category in your SkyDrive account.

  1. Power Planner

Every student needs a homework planner to organise all the projects. Power Planner helps you to organise all the jobs in a schedule, has a grading system and gives you a reminder for homework as well.

  1. Flash Cards

Windows Flash Cards application is designed in association with Harvard University professors. It is an organised way to keep hold of new information. You can create and study different flash cards as you wish and this is entirely free of cost. Most of the times, you don’t even need to build new cards as there are already 8.5 m cards stored.

  1. Equations

This app is for people who are scared of math problems like me. Equations are one of the amazing apps for college students Windows phone. It gives you the solutions to quadratic and cubic equations and also allows you to check formulas.

  1. On this day

This app helps you remember day to day events. Not only today, but this app also allows you to know whatever has happened on a particular day around every corner of the globe. It’s fascinating to locate this kind of apps for college students Windows phone.

  1. Function Plotter

This is a useful app for students with science major. You can put any function with the unique keyboard the app has, and it will give you the primary curve sketching immediately.

  1. Touch Develop

This is one of the amazing apps for college students Windows phone. You can develop your app and release it to the world. Students, who have an interest in this sector, will get a platform to showcase their work. It might sound complicated, but the app is not that difficult to get through.

  1. Translator

Translating apps are quite useful when you have exchange students in class.  Make them comfortable by speaking their language. All the primary languages of the world are supported here.

  1. SumatraPDF

If you have loads of PDF files for the next assignment in college, this is one of the incredible apps for college students Windows phone. It’s free and can store all your PDF files without being too heavy on the phone memory card.

  1. Photosynth

Who doesn’t want to get appreciated for the photo you upload on social media? This is a Windows app which allows you to click panoramic shots with your phone. Start clicking pictures with your classmates!

  1. Gym Pocketguide

Staying healthy and fit is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s necessary at the same time. This application has all you need to know if you want to lose or gain weight. It has the different section for men and women too.

  1. Top Task List

Got a bunch of new assignment? Here is this app which will help you to keep track of your upcoming exams or assignments.  All I have to do is put the info on my work, and this app will remind me time to time.

  1. Pandora

Pandora is a marvellous music app. If you are interested in world music, this is an ideal app for you. We continuously look for new music on the internet, this app, makes your job way easier by giving you no stream limit and no ads.

  1. TuneIn Radio

If you think the core radio app in your phone only allows you to listen to local radio, you are wrong. With TuneIn Radio, you can listen to both local and global radio. And apart from music, you can get news, weather updates, and live scores as well.

Apart from these apps, Windows phone has a huge range of handy applications on it. There are other applications which make your life effortless. They let you even sync your PC through the Windows phone and act as a PC remote.

Here I have made a list of only a few apps for college students Windows phone. You should try out one first. If you want to know about other applications, you can check top 10 app ideas for college students.