Tips and Tricks About How to Write a Research Paper Without Plagiarizing

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Are you worried about writing a research paper plagiarism free? How to write a research paper without plagiarizing has stolen your sleep? If you think it is like an essay topic that you have done much time in school, then it is time to wake up. Research paper needs evidence, proof, idea, thoughts, experimental proof etc.

We know you have done all of these before start writing. But that was not enough because you need to write your entire work in papers and words. Now your research paper will represent your work. So writing a research paper is the key to your research work you have done.

Writing a research paper is not easy. Believe me; I have done mine. The most challenging thing I was dealing with during writing was plagiarism.  After pages of book when I checked my paper online, I have found 40% of my article was plagiarized. I was depressed. I didn’t figure out how to write research paper without plagiarizing any word.

After days of personal research on writing ideas, I have found some wonderful ideas to write my paper. And guess what! I completed my research paper without plagiarism. In this blog, I will discuss my thoughts about how to write research paper without plagiarizing?

Before I discuss anything about my tricks,you must know plagiarism.

Plagiarism is kind of crime in the writing industry. Plagiarism means stealing someone’s (author) idea, thought and words and published it. I know you have not done anything like this during your research. But who knows that your writing or words or idea might get plagiarized.

Suppose your research topic was on medicinal plants and there are many scientists and research scholar have done this work. There are chances that your topic or idea might be someone else’s before.

Are you afraid? Don’t be upset dear. The following tricks will help you to build a 100% plagiarism free research paper. So let’s come to the point and discuss how to write a research paper without plagiarizing.

  • Unique idea:

Before choosing your topic,you have to research carefully. You should not think that the topic you have chosen has never been chosen before. But the thing is that you need to find a loop in the topic you choose. To find the loop you have to research entire previous research papers about your topic. Discuss with your mentor who will definitely guide you to find the topic.

When you have found your topic, then you can start your work. Fearlessly your progress on your work. At this point, you don’t have to think about your writing your research paper.

  • Collecting evidence and information:

Your evidence is your experiments and works. Gather as much proof you can collect to justify your paper. Don’t forget to collect the previous research worker’s guidance which will help you to write plagiarism free research paper.

You also need to gather information related to your research topic and don’t forget to note the sources.

  • Start writing:

When you are don’t with all your evidence, information and research work, start writing. Best way to write plagiarism free paper is to write it in your own words. Your own words cannot be plagiarized with others.

When ‘How to write a research paper without plagiarizing?’ This question bothers you more than its best to experiment on writing. Bring out your literary work and experiment with words.  Remember how you scored A in essay writing. Yes, this is what you need to do here.

  • Use plagiarism checker:

Divide your work section wise to check plagiarism. After starting writing stop when you finish 20%. Remember if you think your research paper is larger than you thought then divide it into ten parts. You have checked the plagiarism of the part you have finished so that you can correct it immediately. After that, you can move to the next section.

Use online plagiarism checker which will give you 100% genuine result.

  • Section wise work:

Working section wise not only help you to check the plagiarism and correction but also help to lower work pressure. If you feel the pressure is low, then it is very obvious that your work will improve. You can also experiment with your writing style. The different writing style will help you to get a plagiarism free research paper.

  • Use quotations and sources:

It doesn’t matter how hard you try not to get your content plagiarized, itwill look at some points. In that scenario, you should use a quotation. Mention the name of the author. If you find that the line you have written has plagiarized then put then in an inverted comma. This will lower the risk of plagiarism.

The evidence and the information you have put in your research paper try to mention their source. When you mention its source your content will not be plagiarized because you are not stealing anything. You mention the origin or your information and evidence.

If in case you don’t know the source of your any citation then use citation checker. This will help you to get the source of information.

  • Detail information about your source of the idea:

This is one of the vital points to notice. You have to write a brief about your origin of the idea. You also need to mention other researchers’ work while getting the idea.  If possible provide the link of their work.

  • References:

The last step is to use references. Use as many references you can use in your research paper. With the depth of your knowledge, you should use your recommendations. Don’t put unrelated references. Use the references which the relevant to your work.

The above eight ideas about how to write a research paper without plagiarizing are my ideas which help me to complete my paper. Keep faith in yourself. I’m sure the ideas of how to write a research paper without plagiarizing will help you to get through your work. Complete your research work in part within time. In between don’t forget to take rest. The more you rest your mind will active more.

If this blog helps you to get over from your tension of writing a research paper, then share it. Sharing it with your friends will help them to take a good night sleep.