How to Top a Chemical Engineering Exam: 8 Tricks to Score High

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Chemical engineering refers to such a branch of engineering that deals both with life science as well as physical science. Therefore you must be very well acquainted with the formulas of both life science and physical science to be a successful chemical engineer.

Not nobly these two branches of science, but in chemical engineering economics and applied mathematics are also needed. It helps in the process to produce transport, transform and very properly use materials, chemicals and energy.

Results of studying chemical engineering

Generally the study of chemical engineering leads top they production of useful substances or products by converting the raw materials, chemicals, living cells, microorganisms and energy.


There are various ways by which you can top a chemical engineering exam. The following tactics you must follow:- 

  1. Proper time

All you need to do is that you have to study for three to four hours a day to get good marks in chemical engineering exams. Everyday study helps you to keep in mind the formulas and tactics of all the subjects combined together in chemical engineering.

As chemical engineering is a combination of physical science, chemical science, mathematics and economics therefore all that you need to do is that study for three to four hours a day to get all the formulas or theorems of these following subjects memorised.

This will help you to score high. And during the examination you won’t face any tension or you won’t forget anything which you have learnt through years.


  1. Memorising

You must be well known about all the formulas from your text book. Do not intend to buy many books. Just go through the text books and try to solve each and every question from the text book itself.


  1. Every sum practise

Try to do the sums and graphs every day. That will help you to be more confident.


  1. Advice from superiors

Take advice from superiors. Quality teaching can actually help you to score high, even experience matters. They will be able to help you with many wiser tactics and formulas.


  1. Practise of question papers

After completing all sorts of questions from the text book try to solve the question paper of the previous years that will help you know about the questions that has already come in the previous examinations.


  1. Ready practical works

Always keep the practical and project works ready. Do not leave those works for later. It will lead to much confusion during the eleventh hour of the exam. And if all the projects works are ready before the time then it will be easy for you to go through such works on a regular basis. That will make you memorise all formulas of mathematics and economics.


  1. Group study

Group study can also give you a better result in the field of chemical engineering. Actually group study helps you know about all such problems faced by candidates which might give you the chance to know about more solutions.


  1. Love for the subject

Every engineer goes through a stage of frustration and anxiety. Therefore you must put your heart into studies and learn. That will help you love the subject and you won’t face any difficulty in engineering.

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