Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Spending Time on Internet for Study

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With the advent of internet, a huge scope of opportunities has opened for every aspect of life. Now, people are able to use internet to do things which otherwise was considered impossible. One crucial use of internet which divides opinion is its implementation in academics. Some consider that spending time on internet for study can be very helpful while others are still critical about it. There is no denying that internet serves as an excellent resource for all sorts of information, but if and only if it is used correctly.


Advantages of use of internet for study

Benefits related to internet implementation for studies are certainly a lot. Students can certainly use it as a medium for increasing their knowledge regarding any subject. There are many websites which are specifically designed to help students with their studies. Willing students can surely take advantage of such websites. Some main advantages of spending time on internet for study include:


  • Availability of Numerous Resources:

Internet has a vast number of resources which can be used for studying. This is arguably the biggest advantage of implementation of internet for the purpose of studies. Students can find resources regarding any subject or any topic they want. These resources serve as an excellent source of information.


  • An interactive method of studying:

When used properly, internet serves as the most interactive way of learning and studying. This is particularly advantageous over classroom studying. You can find images, videos and presentations which aptly describe the related matter. There is actually no method of studying which is more interactive than internet.


  • Improves Language and Social Skills:

With internet, students can interact and work on projects with people from all over the world. This vastly improves the communication and social skills of students. Moreover, they realize the importance of learning foreign languages and internet can itself be used for doing so.

Other than the above mentioned advantages, there are a lot more benefits that one could think of. Cultural awareness, being updated with current affairs and helping students choose a career amongst other advantages that can be listed.


Disadvantages of use internet for study

There may be a lot of advantages related to spending time on internet for study, the probable negative effects that concurrently come with it cannot be neglected. Easy access to numerous resources means that students need to know exactly how much information they need. Presence for commercial sites is another issue that can be thought of. Such sites have little educational information and use of such sites is a mere waste of time. Some sites even depict wrong information and students need to check whether the stated facts are correct or not.

The most controversial aspect of internet is that it is potentially very distracting. Presence of social networking and other such sites means that the students are always distracted. Moreover, there are certain contents and materials which should be kept away from children. Everyone gets access sites depicting violence or pornography. Students accessing this site are the last thing you can hope for. So, even though there is lot of benefits related to internet implementation for study, one has to be very cautious and use the resource correctly.