How to Become an a Grade Student in College?

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This is a common question frequently asked by students before second semester. Initial days of college are very exciting, vulnerability remains at its peak. People get busy in socializing, which ultimately effects the first semester. (Exceptions are always there) So after the shocking results, it appears as if everybody is enlightened and thus, promises themselves to score grade A in the remaining semesters.

Now when everyone wants to score A in every subject, then it is surely going to be a tough competition. Scoring grade A till the last semester require things such as hard work, dedication, perseverance and commitment.

But there is nothing to worry about! Following are few things which you should keep in mind to achieve success.


Self study

Hard work has no substitute, but, along with it smart work is equally important. Hard work and proper dedication does not mean putting your nose inside the book all the time. Hard work is also not about studying 18 hours a day and then no contact with books for the next two days. Hard work is about studying consistently everyday for a fixed number of hours or completing the targets set by you.


Taking classes more seriously

Hard work at home and full attention at class can surely award you the desired grades. People are more dependent on private tuitions and self study than college classrooms. But if someone pays attention into the class, then about 50% of the topic gets cleared. If the student is less intelligent then he/she must participate seriously in every discussion and surprise tests. This also helps in gaining self-confidence. Basically, what i am trying to say is perseverance is not a long race it is about performing in short races one after the other.


Stop complaining, start doing

If we all start doing things which are under control and stop complaining and worrying about titbits then, i must say, this world will be the heavenly place to live in. Every living being will be at peace where there will be optimum efficiency of every individual. We all know that it sounds unpractical and impossible. But we should not lose hope and try to contribute as much as we can.


Learn different techniques to memorize 

Going through the books and notes once, will not help in exams to recollect the keywords. There are different techniques through which you can learn to memorize points. Mind maps are an excellent way to make you remember things. It also enhances the brain’s creativity. Apart from mind mapping, playing brain games also helps in improving cognitive abilities. Sudoku, solving crosswords are some of the best examples of these games which will also help you in using your time efficiently.


Time management

Managing time for everything is a must-do. It should not be like 14 hours studying and rest goes for eating and sleeping. Making out time for hobbies and extra-curricular activities are also needed for staying healthy, physically as well as mentally.

An A grade student does not mean that he or she is excellent only in studies. It also means that the student has the capability to handle any situation and any subject efficiently. For this, a healthy body and a sound mind is highly needed which you can get through discipline.