Writing a Research Paper Introductory Paragraph – Tips and Strategies

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As part of a college or university curriculum, students are required to submit a research paper in order to get credits to acquire their degree. Presenting one’s research paper with a good introductory paragraph is vital for students to get good grades. An introduction is the beginning part of any written or oral script. It should introduce the readers to what the researcher or the writing is going to discuss. Hence, students prepare a research paper introductory paragraph to get the reader’s attention from the start to the end.

How to write a research paper introductory paper

Writing a good research paper introductory paper is a challenge for many students. Before starting to write the paper, the student must keep in mind the details that will take the readers through the enter research work. A good research paper introductory paper is the one that arouses the reader’s attention. So, here’s how one can write a proper introductory paragraph for their research paper:

#1 Establish the objective or purpose

The introduction of a research paper should define the objective or purpose of the research work and give an insight to the readers into what the research work is all about. Hence, the researcher has to establish the researcher’s objective of his research work.

#2 Originality

A research paper introductory paragraph should not be copied content and must be original. Originality in the written script depicts the writer’s talent and increases the reader’s curiosity to read further more.

#3 Keywords and key terms

The researcher or the student’s discussion should not confuse its readers,and so an introductory paragraph must highlight the major keywords and key phrases. They must explain them to the readers in a language they understand.

#4 Logical and sensible

A good research paper introductory paragraph should be logical and consistent while introducing the research work to its readers. It should also make sense to the students as well as the readers. 

#5 Starting with famous quotes

By starting the introductory paragraph with a quote of a famous or influential person, the readers will be more inspired to read the research work further and will make sense. So, this is a reasonable technique for writing a research paper introductory paragraph.

#6 Review of written work

After finally drafting and creating an introductory paragraph, one must verify and review all details so that there is no error and misunderstanding among the readers. He has to review what to write so that he can decide how to continue his research work.

Hence the student must follow these steps to write a research paper introductory paragraph effectively without any difficulty.

Elements of a good research paper introductory paragraph

To write a good research paper introductory paragraph, the student should know what elements to include in it. Some of the elements of an introductory paragraph will have the following elements:

  • Topic sentence –

It is the first sentence of the research paper where the student must put the main idea or purpose of the research work. This statement should be simple and concise so that readers can perceive what is being communicated to them. In short, it should define the purpose or objective of the student’s research.

  • Thesis statement –

This statement must express what the topic is about in a more clear and logical manner to its readers. This sentence supports the topic sentence and provides a more clear insight into the topic or theme.

  • Supporting Sentences –

This sentence will support the topic and thesis of the research by introducing the readers to the content of the discussion. Here, the student can clearly convey his point of view of the discussion

  • Conclusion –

The conclusion of the research paper introductory paragraph should be such that it should link the next paragraph to the discussion and create a smooth flow in the written work of the paper.

Hence, students must include the above elements to present in a research paper introductory paragraph efficiently for its readers.

Features of a good research paper introductory paragraph

To understand any research analysis, the readers must be presents with an implicit research paper introductory paragraph. Here are some features that can be added to an introductory paragraph:

  • A good research paper introductory paragraph must have an attractive first sentence that catches the reader’s eyes. The first sentence always gives the first impression to its readers.
  • A student can begin his introduction by surprising the reader with an interesting and confounding piece of information. By learning the surprise the readers are not bored with a dull presentation
  • A little wit and humour can add spice to any introduction. This will engage the readers in the discussion and give then a gist of the analysis.
  • We all take inspiration from any famous person. Hence, the student can start the introductory paragraph with a famous quote of an influential personality. This will motivate the readers to read further.
  • Storytelling is an interesting way of getting everyone’s attention. So, the student can add an anecdote to tell his point of view to the readers.
  • An important feature of a good research paper introductory paragraph is to create an attractive and eye-catching title for the research paper.The title of the paper should say it all in a simple but efficient manner

Hence, while preparing a research paper introductory paragraph, the student must keep in mind the unique features that can attract the reader’s attention. This will push them to read further what discussion is presented to them.

So, the students can follow the steps on writing an effective research paper introductory paragraph and also include the elements of an introduction in it. But why do students need to write a proper introduction?

This is to score enough credits and good grades in order to pass that subject. Also, a successful research paper introductory paragraph forms the base for a fruitful analysis and discussion of the research work.  Hence it is essential to introduce the readers to the research work properly.