Why Should You Avail Digital Aid While Doing Homework?

04 Mar Why Should You Avail Digital Aid While Doing Homework?

About the world of digitization

Modern day technologies have changed the way in which individuals go about in their day to day lives. Technology has also changed the way in which individuals go about doing their homework. Previously, in the event that an individual got stuck during course of his or her homework, only option that individual had been to look up his or her text book which wasn’t very efficient as far as the time parameter is concerned. In contrary to this, individuals of today’s generation don’t turn to their book as it is often time consuming.

Instead, they look up for their problem on the internet. This is a practice that is often followed by students as well as teachers of these generations. Thus, digital world has had a great influence on the way in which individuals used to go about their home tasks.

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How is technology improving the teaching and learning industry?

As you must know, technology has a huge role to play as far as our life styles are concerned. It has played a huge role in improving every section of our life style and elevated it to a level that was beyond our imagination a few decades back. This technology has also affected the teaching and the learning industry to a great extent. How it has affected? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss under the scope of this article. Listed below are a few valid points that ought to show you how technology has improved the teaching and the learning industry:

  • An increased use of technology:

According to various studies conducted by the National Center for Education, there are about ninety seven percent of the teachers who have at least 1 computer in their classroom. Out of these, about ninety three percent of the computers have internet connection which is perhaps the most important tool a computer can probably have.

If one is to calculate the ratio of students to computers, it will be about 5.3: 1 which is not very poor considering students of junior classes seldom come across the need of using a computer. Most teachers of 11th grade and higher make use of the smart technologies as it lets them emphasize on content more efficiently.

In addition to this, using slides to teach a particular topic saves a lot of time both for teachers as well as students. All you need to do after you are done explaining the slides is send them at the class email id. As simple as that.

  • Use of mobile devices and tablets:

It has literally become a trend for teenager today to make use of mobile devices and tablets in their studies and why won’t they? These devices do make the tasks a lot easier. This also has an aim towards promoting a green environment as the use of these devices greatly reduces the amount of paper that is used by students in their day to day lives. This in turn plays a huge role as far as saving the environment is concerned.

When we are talking about saving paper in various industries so why not use it in the teaching industry itself? Why can’t we put a stop on writing “SAVE TREE” on papers that are made out of tree? We definitely can by transforming this industry into a digital one.

  • E – Class:

Idea of E – classrooms are being implemented in several schools and colleges. Major idea behind this is to record what all the teacher is teacher in the class and upload them at an online school or college website. This helps the students a great deal. The students can sit at home and learn what all has been taught in class. In addition to this, the students can also refer to these videos in the event that they had missed out on something in class.

This is one of the best approaches to have come up in the teaching industry as it is very well capable of bringing the classroom to the home of an individual in the event that he or she fall sick. Most importantly, when students revise for their final examinations, they often tend to come across several doubt due to the fact that they weren’t attentive enough when that particular topic was discussed. Under such circumstances the student can very well refer to the teachings online.

  • Online Results:

It often so happens that if a student doesn’t perform well and his or her result are declared loud in front of the class, the student tends to face a lot of humiliation which in the long run plays a negative role as far as the performance of the student in future is concerned. These bold declarations do nothing but lower the confidence level of the student in question.

On the other hand, advantage of declaring results at an online platform is that each student has their very own user name and password and each student can only view his or her own result. This saves the humiliation a student used to face. In addition to this, it also reduces the amount of competition that comes up between parents today on the basis of the marks of their children which is seemingly disgusting to say the least.


Well, there are various other ways in which the digital world has helped in transforming the environment inside a classroom. As you must know, humans tend to understand and remember things better when they can visualize what is being taught. This is where the smart classrooms come in. One of the major advantages of these smart classrooms is that they help the students by giving them visual descriptions of what they are being taught. This not only helps the students understand better but at the same time, it also ensures that the student can remember what was taught a lot better.

If you have the latest technology at your fingertips, you will certainly be a fool not to use it. Yes, there are individuals who would speak of misuse of these technological advancements. Well, let us consider a vegetable chopping knife. Now, it’s not the ‘knifes’ fault if it is used to murder someone now is it? If an individual misuses technology, then it is definitely the fault of that individual and not the technology he or she is misusing.

If you compare the advantages of these technological advancements with the disadvantages if they are misused, then the advantages outweigh these disadvantages by a long short. So, you must definitely not hesitate as far as including new technological advancements in you day to day life is concerned.