Tips and Tricks to Go About Scripting the Perfect Personal Statement

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The completion of your personal statement will be one of the most vital part of your student life. If the statement is of not of high quality, you miss out on going to your dream college. The testimonial is an authentic method of portraying your uniqueness. It is usually of around 4,000 characters in which you have to show your originality.

Through your personal statement you must convince your ideal college as to why you should be selected into their college. More importantly, the 4,000 characters will be the only chance you get via which you can make a statement.

It is the only way to create a long-lasting impression, to ensure that your dream college comes back to make you an offer. Hence knowing how to start writing personal statement that will make you stand out from the rest is a must.

A brief outline to a personal statement

A majority of students tend to struggle with the opening sentence of their statement. This is primarily because, they might have been told that the first couple of lines can grasp the attention of the invigilator.

One of problems of finding a catchy opening sentence is that students incline to overthink and go overboard about it. It is good if you can come up with a memorable way of starting things. However, it is best no to overthink and spend to too much on it.

Your admission invigilators will be more interested in seeing your enthusiasm, passion, perceptions and ideas than something too fancy or flashy. So, it is best if you learn how to start writing personal statement that can help you get through this stage. Here are a few of the things you should keep in mind will writing a personal statement.

  1. Script a rough draft without thinking about the character count

When you first begin writing it is best if you write without keeping in mind the character count. If you do not do so, you might find yourself only half-way through what you want to write but all 4,000 characters have been filled.

So, it is best if you first write the entire thing you want to convey and then edit and shorten it. This would be much faster than trying fit all your idea into 4,000 characters from the get go. Hence, consider this when you are pondering on how to start writing personal statement.

  1. Do not Hurry

Taking your time while writing is one of the most crucial elements of scripting a great personal statement. It is best if you do not attempt to rush things. Try not to finish your statement in a rush. After all, good things require more than a few hours to be completed.

Moreover, if you ever feel like you are getting stuck in a particular part, it is advisable to take a couple of days off. Having a refreshed mind working on your statement would work better than a tired one.

  1. Choose the correct expressions and words

Selecting the appropriate words to express yourself can make all the difference in the world. After all it is more elegant and professional to write ‘accomplish’ than ‘do’.

For international students, whose native language is not English, have to choose the words very carefully. You do not want to make your personal statement to posh or flashy with a lot off elaborate words.

  1. Focus on your fortes

The 4,000 characters will be your medium to convince the numerous colleges to take you in. A great product description is, how good that piece is and it is the exact same thing for the statement. You must think carefully about what you should right.

Always try to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Write about all your future ideas, experiences and the type of knowledge you have. You should always keep this in mind while trying to figure out how to start writing personal statement.

  1. Keep it authentic

You must always ensure to make the personal statement about you and only you. Try to keep it original and unique as possible. Incorporate your own voice, ideas and concepts and then work accordingly. Do not read other statements before you start scripting your own.

Many students tend to this, which leads them to assume a false concept on writing a personal statement. As the name suggests it has to be personal and unique. It is not worth following someone else’s set of patterns and rule. If you do so you tend to lose your own originality and authenticity and that is something you must not.

  1. Ensure honesty and integrity

Being honest while writing your personal statement is the best way to go about it. Be true about your abilities and skills and do not try to con your invigilators. If students are good at something they will be best the way they are. Keep in mind that trying to form a false opinion will only backfire on you sooner than later. Considering this while thinking about how to start writing personal statement is quite essential.

  1. Use a fresh set of eyes

It would be best to use someone to go through your statement every now and then. The more number of people you display your work to, the more advice you will receive. Hearing sound feedback and then working on it will only benefit you. However, it is true that some of the feedback would be better than the rest. Still it is easy to hear everyone’s perspective before differentiating between them.

  1. Read out the statement loudly from time to time

This is something most students fail to do so. Reading out your personal statement loudly once in a while can do you the world of good. Generally while writing the sentences, you may not see that there are no cohesion among them. Hence, if you read out the statement loud and clear, you will notice the vague and transition less parts and rectify them.

Well that’s about it! Follow this guidelines correctly and you will not get lost while scripting your personal statement. Another way to write a killer personal statement is opting to hire professional help. Availing services of experts like can ease your burden on how to start writing personal statement.