A Complete Know-How to Writing a Killer Personal Statement

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A personal statement is generally written for a scholarship or as a way to sell yourself to the college of your dreams. It tells about your experience and capabilities as you apply for university admissions. More importantly, the personal statement goes a long way in creating a long-standing impression of you, if you get chosen.

Personal statement overview

The most common problem students face while writing their personal statement is that of the opening sentence. Perfecting the opening few lines is something majority of students find difficult. This is primarily because the amount of importance the opening statement is given is quite massive. Most students tend struggle with it and in the end make hash out it.

Generally, students get stuck with this because of not being able to incorporate the X-factor into their opening statement. However, it is advisable that not much time is spent on this particular part. While thinking about how to start a personal statement about yourself there are other factors that are necessary to be taken into consideration as well.

It would be best if you can leave the opening line of your personal statement for the last. Spending too much time on it will only get you more stressed out than you want to be. As a result you might face more difficulties in scripting the rest of the personal statement. It is ideal to have a fresh mind while working on it rather than clogged one.

Personal statement assessment

More importantly, the invigilators would be more interested in learning about your future plans, ideas and concepts. They would be like to see your knowledge and experience per say. Admission invigilators would like to see your passion and enthusiasm in your personal statement. Do not try to be flashy or create a false opinion that normally backfires very brutally.

Thus, it is quite vital that you script a great personal statement for your applications. Now, doing so can be a bit of a tedious task. But no if you know certain guidelines to follow. Hence, here some tips that you can follow when you are thinking about how to start a personal statement about yourself.

Guidelines to great personal statement

Scripting the ideal personal statement about yourself can go a long way beyond your admission applications. You always try to form a lasting impression on your invigilators so that the college comes back to get you enrolled. Moreover, you do not want people to find your script boring.

As it is quite difficult to recover from it once they start forming an opinion like that. You have to make sure your personal statement is crisp, to the point and detailed. Now, how to start a personal statement about yourself that is going make this happen is given below.

  • Choose a passionate topic

While scripting your personal statement it is best if you choose topic you are extremely passionate about. You will see that when you write about a topic that you like, it will be easier and smoother to do so. More importantly, you will find that the resulting script will be quite genuine and authentic.

The best statements are the ones which describe personal growth, strengths, difficulty, confidence and most importantly experience. A personal statement might be the most important part of your student life. So you will brainstorm and spend a lot of time on writing it perfectly. However, you will see that the whole thing becomes simpler and easier when you are scripting about something you enjoy.

As the name suggests, it has be extremely personal and it has to show your individuality. After all it is your one chance to separate yourself from the crowd. So, script about something that excites you and in turn you will be able to excite your readers. Hence, this make it one of the most important things to consider while pondering how to start a personal statement about yourself.

  • Making it engaging

It does not matter what you want to write or what you want to describe if you cannot make it engaging enough. You must ensure to capture the reader’s attention from the very first sentence. After all if you want your personal statement to stand out it is essential that it can grab headlines.

Make your personal statement detailed and conversational. So that the reader can actually experience what you have experienced from just your statement. Script it like a story and make your reader feel like the protagonist. This will make the statement extremely unique and creative.

Ensure to write the statement as smooth story without any hiccups along the way. This will make the reader remember your story even after a long time. Try to be specific and detailed. The more specifics you incorporate, the more engaging it will be.

  • Read the statement out loud thoroughly

A majority of students tend to forget this vital part while thinking about how to start personal statement about yourself. This is actually one of the most important factors to keep in mind while scripting your personal statement. You should ensure to have a thorough spell-check of your statement before sending of for your college applications.

A wrong spelling, improper diction, etc. is something you should not have absolutely in your personal statement. It is something that is going create an overall impression of you. So, there is absolutely no excuse for submitting a personal statement with grammatical and mechanical errors. Moreover, sometimes while writing you tend to not notice certain problems and errors.

Now, if you read the statement out loudly, you will find that a lot of paragraphs have no cohesion. You might also find that there are certain transition errors or some parts are extremely vague. Once you find these out, you can then make the proper amendments and rectifications necessary. So that the personal statement is prim, proper and perfect.

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