Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

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There are quite a few times when everyone has wished for homework to be banned. At some point or the other, everyone has imagined a world free from homework. But, alas, this has only given rise to more debates than an actual fruition of such an event.

Many people appreciate and understand the benefits of homework. But only a few acknowledge how homework badly affects the students and even the teachers and parents to some extent. Wondering the reasons why homework should be banned, take a look below.

Reasons why homework should be banned

Well, it is only natural for students. Homework is such an ingrained element of our existence that a very few people question about its presence. Homework has been assigned to students for time immemorial and because of the presence of such a practice; people are habituated with its ill effects.

Only lately have the adverse effects been realized and has raised questions about it. So, if you are of the opinion that homework still benefits students, then take a look below as to why homework should be banned and clear your perspective.

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