Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

29 Jun Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

There are quite a few times when everyone has wished for homework to be banned. At some point or the other, everyone has imagined a world free from homework. But, alas, this has only given rise to more debates than an actual fruition of such an event.

Many people appreciate and understand the benefits of homework. But only a few acknowledge how homework badly affects the students and even the teachers and parents to some extent. Wondering the reasons why homework should be banned, take a look below.

Reasons why homework should be banned

Well, it is only natural for students. Homework is such an ingrained element of our existence that a very few people question about its presence. Homework has been assigned to students for time immemorial and because of the presence of such a practice; people are habituated with its ill effects.

Only lately have the adverse effects been realized and has raised questions about it. So, if you are of the opinion that homework still benefits students, then take a look below as to why homework should be banned and clear your perspective.

“Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.”

  • Barely leaves any time

One of the reasons why homework should be banned is because there is rarely any time left to work on it. A student’s day is filled with almost 7-8 hours of school or college and also includes the certain extra amount of activities.

This leaves behind very little time for the students to work on their assignments well as they receive assignments in bulk. This becomes an almost impossible task which over stresses them and allows no window to relax.

  • Encourages incorrect practices

Assigning homework often enough encourages dishonest practices. Many students, who do not want to work on their homework, cheat and make their parents or siblings or hire an educational website to do it for them. Thus, they learn very little from such an exercise which defeats the very purpose of homework. Even while practicing, they might be using incorrect methods to solve it and wouldn’t even be aware of it.

  • Damages relationships

Homework is the main reason for closing down all forms of the communication between parents and children. The parents are forced to make the children work on their homework, scold them and shout at them and do everything so that they can work on their assignments. However, this proves to be counterproductive as the students work on it half-heartedly. But it surely spoils the relationship.

  • Homework is generalized

Homework is supposed to help students who are weak in certain sections or certain subjects. However, no lesson plan caters to such a requirement. The homework which is assigned by the teachers are more generalized and not at all target specific to help out the weaker students. Thus, the entire purpose of assigning homework proves to be pointless.

  • Homework causes stress

One of the main reasons why homework should be banned is because it causes animmense amount of stress among students. Students studying in second grade are now suffering from anxiety attacks because they were unable to complete their homework and fear the consequences.

Stress has become a major issue among students of all age which is concerning because, at the age when they should be having fun, they are forced to worry about their homework and grades.

  • Restricts the sleeping hours

Oftentimes it has been seen that students stay up till late in the night to finish working on their homework, or they get up really early in the morning to finish it off. This minimizes the sleeping hours which is requisite for the students during their growing period as it rejuvenates your body and mind.

For an adolescent, it is essential that they get at least 8-9 hours of sleep each day, to grow effectively. However, this is not possible because of the homework assigned.

  • Doesn’t exhibit learning

Finishing off homework doesn’t necessarily mean that the student has learned something from such an exercise. Many students copy blindly from textbook. Or, for example, they might solve all math problems assigned but still not retain anything from the exercise as they weren’t fully focussed at the task at hand. Thus, it defeats the purpose of homework and should be banned.

  • Limit the time for teachers

Homework poses a problem for the teachers as well. They oftentimes get very little time to work on a single lesson. For example, they take weeks to plan the assignments, collect it and grade it. This leaves no window for them to discuss the issues present in the assignments as they have to move to the next lesson.

Despite the presence of so many reasons why homework should be banned, it is still being assigned in schools and colleges. There is no escaping it.

However, there are ways to combat it. There are a number of websites present online that help students out with their homework. You cane enlist their help and get rid of the stress and worry associated with it. So go ahead and start working now!