Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Argumentative Essay

29 Jun Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Argumentative Essay

Very often I get a thought that what had we done in the entire student life? Well, what I could remember was just homework and the pressure about it. Many say that homework is helpful again some people speak just the opposite. Different teachers givedifferences of opinion on this topic, and they consider, “Is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay?”

Even the schools also carry the difference in their regarding homework that whether a student just spend every night doing homework or they must focus more on school studies and also self-studies. Therefore there are too many contradictions regarding the useful or harmful effects of homework. Now your obvious question is why homework is considered helpful to aparticular group of people?

Homework is useful because of the following reasons:

  • It helps to revise and explain all the doubts about the chapter being taught at school.
  • Doing regular homework at home is the best practice that will contribute to enhancing the skills and concepts.
  • Homework helps to improve the grades in different exams.
  • In other words, the utilisation of homework is to let students gain perfection in the matter.
  • It is often seen that students lack time in the whole day to study what’s being taught in the school, but homework lets student to at least have the minimum knowledge on the topic being taught at the school.
  • Not only this, homework lets the parents know about the performance if student in the class.
  • Also, teacher can mark down the serious students of the class or which student needs attention and who does not can be well assessed by teacher using homework as a parameter.
  • It makes student realise about their duties and responsibilities and prevents from getting distracted in other bad phases of life.

Some scientists and researchers also say when being asked about homework even stated, “is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay”. But indisputably homework is a vital part of every student’s life which helps to revise what’s being taught in the school.”

Harmful effects of homework:

  • Too much pressure of homework will make the student lose interest in the subject and even in studies.
  • It gives maximum stress and is considered the burden to most of the people.
  • It even has the capability of making the students and their family unsocial. It is because they could hardly get time to walk out and lay or some other entertainments. All the times flows in doing homework.
  • Again in some cases, it is seen that the parents or cousins couldn’t see the struggle of the students and they do the homework on behalf of the student. As a result, the utility of the homework decreases to zero.
  • A student must also get a healthy life like a time to play, relax or some other hobbies.
  • Homework in some cases kills time and takes away the valuable time to study.
  • Moreover, students can quickly hire someone who will do their homework for them, so ultimately the purpose of homework becomes zero.
  • Excessive mental and physical stress can also cause harm to the student’s mental and physical health.

Again some philosophers contradict the point and according to them, “is homework harmful or helpful argumentative essay?Still it is the cause of maximum students to undergo phases of frustration and depression and ultimately run out of time.”

Recently on this view, I asked quite a many students and their parents to share their opinion on this topic. So on that survey, there were parents whose view was homework creates mental pressure on their kid’s. I do not get the point why so?

Come on; just don’t spoil your child. Make your child learn how to manage studies and life simultaneously. It’s for their good. Here is advice to those parents – Please do not make your kids lazy, un-smart, and inefficient. Help them, encourage them for their good. Researches, studies, statistics all are in an unending debate trying to prove curses and boons of homework.

Again I have heard from some parents that they always encourage their kids to do their homework and under any circumstances. But that does not create any extra pressure on the child. And that the significance of homework is here. Even my personal views are just the same. Homework never did bother me and never will in the greater future. Let your kid get tips on how to do homework on time.

Keeping all contradictions aside, I must not forget to mention those parents who are well aware of their children that keep your child encouraged and motivated about homework. Acquiring proficiency is not so difficult. One can gain it with regular practice. So parents, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Insist your kids to do their homework. Let’s create a better and bright future for every child.