Is Getting Grade ‘a’ in College Easier for Us?

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College- the word itself gives a boost to your energy. After those strict eyes in high school, college gives you an unlimited range of happiness. But at the same time, grades are crucial. Those are going to decide your career path and also for the rest of your life. Your grade point average is the manifestation of your quality and talent.

Getting grade A is never easy- that’s what I kept telling myself when I joined college.  To some extent yes, it is never going to be easy to be one of the toppers of your class, but it is not something that complexes either.

A little effort can make your smile broader at the end of your semester. You need to focus on your career opportunities and perform at your best to make a difference.

Here are few tips on how you will make your grade ‘A’ quickly:

  • Pick the right course

Choosing the right course is always the most important of all. Select the right amount of classes consisting of subjects which you find interesting.  Don’t pick some ‘perfect course for freshman year’, rather choose your major according to your requirement.  This is going to determine your career, so choose wisely.

  • Attend all your classes

The best part of college life is no one can force you to attend classes, but that’s the worst part of college too. Many students bunk classes for some or the other reasons, but that doesn’t result in good.

The more numbers of lectures you miss, the more you skip the syllabus. Try attending as many classes as possible. Who can say the teacher sets question from that very lecture you missed? Also, earn attendance points, teachers will recognise you only if you are regular enough to show your face.

  • Have a plan in your mind

You need to chalk out your priority list first. Balancing is the key to your success in college life. You might have an evening job or a weekend plan with your friends, but your lectures are essential too. Make a calendar in every week so that it’s easier for you to plan your schedule.

  • Make college notes

Another important reason to attend classes would be college notes. The professors’ lectures contain almost 50% of your study material. If you have your notes handy, they are going to be useful during exams.

If you are not a fast note taker, try to write down only the important points. You don’t need to write full sentences either. Jot down the points so that you can work on that later. If possible rewrite your notes later. That might sound too much to many of you, but if you do this, you can always have a brief idea about your syllabus.

  • Do not overwork

If you have commitments other than studying, choose your’ major wisely. If you overload your work, you are going to mess that up very easily. Take less work but be consistent!

  • Research and study

You should always remember your life goals when in college. Studying is the most necessary thing. You have to prepare for each lecture you attend.

So you are supposed to take at least 1-2 hours out of your schedule for studying. And here by studying I mean only studying- no social media, no phone calls, and no friends. This might sound a little extreme but if you want good grades you have to put an effort in it.

  • Do not skip tests

Every semester has few tests which you can avoid. They might seem less important to you. But I will suggest you not to skip any tests. Those are quite important for your overall development. If you have to skip any of them, talk to the professor. He might give you some suggestions on the old syllabus.

  • Buy textbook

Those are allotted for a reason. Textbooks give you a precise idea of the syllabus. If you miss some lectures, it won’t be much difficult to catch up the next one, if you read the textbook. Read all the assigned chapters carefully before the class, so that any critical part comes up, you can take help from your teacher.

  • Complete your assignments on time

Every class has some assignments every week. Do not skip those. Professors assign you those jobs so that you have a thorough understanding of your syllabus. Conclude them fast! And if you need help, you can take a look at secret tips on getting your assignments done quickly.

  • Take help from the professors

Professors are the primary resource in college. But most of us get scared to interact with them. Honestly speaking if you want a grade ‘A’, you have to keep interacting with your professors.  They will happily help you in your studies when most of your classmates won’t. Remain in touch with them through email, phone calls, and even social media.

  • Be the consistent one

Consistency is the key to your success in any field. Pace yourself and do not leave unfinished work for latter. If you are back loaded before your assignments or exams, grade A seems a galaxy far away!

I hope these guidelines will help with getting grade A in each semester. Though not only these, you have to believe your potential before everything. If you don’t believe you, who will? Do not let the negative comments degrade your confidence. Do not take too much stress and keep up good work. Grade A does not seem very far!