Steps to Reduce Lethargy in Doing Homework and Studying

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Whenever our exams are near, it is our tendency to study for more additional hours. Most of the time, we feel sleepy when we tend to study for long hours. In such a case, you have got two decisions to choose, sleep and take rest or keep yourself awake.

Sleep will come easily while staying awake is the deal to seal. In this article, you will be provided with some tactics on how to stay awake and avoid sleep while studying.

Things are similar while doing homework. Students tend to feel lethargic and sleepy while doing homework. Every student desires to sleep, but one needs to sacrifice it in order to get good grades and enhance your performances. Here are some causes of feeling lethargic and sleepy and steps to reduce it while studying or doing homework.

Steps to avoid lethargy

Since you feel asleep most of the times feel lethargic, you need to follow these to keep yourself awake.

  1. Try and keep the lights switched on in your room

There are people who commit the same mistake by only switching on table lamp while studying. This makes a cosy ambience around, and beds are going to be more attractive while there is darkness.

If the lights are off, you are bound to feel lethargic and tend to sleep. Now, if you are staying in a hostel, you have to bribe your roommates to keep the lights on.

  1. Try not to exert yourself physically

If you work out a lot during the day, then you tend to feel exhausted and thus lethargic while doing homework or studying. This makes you to sleep earlier than your routine. It is advised not to have long and strenuous workouts and conserve your energy later for studies.

  1. Avoid lying on bed and studying

Make a seat available for yourself with a backrest before a table while you are studying. If you lie on a bed, you are surely going to enter the lazy mode and will detach your books from yourself.

  1. Avoid having heavy meals

Whenever you are having a heavy meal, you are naturally going to feel lazy and try to lie on the bed. This leads to a decrease in your retention power and focuses because of the excessive amount of food intake. It is better to have your lunch and dinner early. Never even try to skip a meal. It is very difficult to study with an empty stomach.

Even while you study or do homework for long hours, you tend to feel hungry. Try to keep some snacks ready. Fruits can be a good option too.

  1. Don’t use a table fan while studying

Students tend to use a table fan. Table fans always blow the wind directly onto your face. This puts you on rest. In a hot summer day, when cool, concentrated winds are flowing in your face, it feels like an exotic face rub. This makes you feel lethargic. If you have no other option, then avoid the table fan directly onto your face and keep it at a distance.

  1. Consume lots of water

When you drink a lot of water, you tend to urinate more frequently. This picks you up and takes several trips, thus preventing you to doze off.

  1. Take trips around your room

When you feel lethargic or sleepy while studying, try to move around your room. Yes, this definitely works. Many people use this method to keep them conscious.

  1. Say no to sodas

Most of the students try to consume sodas and aerated drinks while studying as refreshment. The presence of sugar and caffeine in sodas and carbonated drinks makes a person less attentive that leads them to decrease their concentration towards studies.

It is found that caffeine acts as a great stimulant to keep you active and awake but not along with sugar. You can have black coffee or tea with a little amount or no sugar.

Fresh fruit juices are a very good alternative as refreshment in its original state. But remember not to have sugar.

  1. Take a power nap in afternoon

If you want to study in the night or do your homework, then you must take a nap during afternoon. Even an hour nap is very helpful to keep you awake for hours at night.

  1. Listen to heavy music while sleepy

Whenever you are feeling sleepy while studying or doing homework, listen to heavy metal songs. Only a tune is good enough to provide adrenaline rush within yourself and keep you alert. If you dislike listening to heavy metals, you can opt for any other songs that can give you a push to stay active.

Forbid from listening to romantic songs that may drift you to some other mood. When your mood is changed, you are surely going to keep your books aside and think about different activities.

  1. Bath in hot water

Even if you are trying your level best to keep yourself awake, but nothing is working as such, then try to take a shower in hot water. It doesn’t matter whether it is your second bath since these are more refreshing. After that apply some deodorant, spray or talcum powder that has a pungent smell. The tickles of these smells tend to remove your lethargic feeling.

  1. Maintain your timings

If you don’t want to feel lethargic while studying, then you must maintain a proper lifestyle with exact timings. You need to have a fixed time for eating, sleeping and studying. Sleep and food are the needs for a healthy life.

If you are sleepy or lethargic while studying, it indicates that you are not healthy. Therefore, you need to keep your stamina and concentration level at the top.

  1. Meditation is important

To keep your concentration fixed, try to meditate for at least 20 minutes in the morning and concentrate on a particular thing. This helps you to concentrate on your studies.

After this, try out for a little exercise and yoga mainly stretching. But see to it that you don’t exhaust yourself!