A Debate Should Students Have Homework over Holiday Break or Not

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Since ages, there has been a very popular debate should students have homework over holiday break between all teachers and parents and students regarding should or should not students have homework over holiday break. One thing must be told before going further which everyone will admit is that all major holidays such as Christmas holidays are meant to celebrate those occasions with friends and family.

Holidays are called so because they give any person whether in office or educational institutions a break from daily routine. If students keep studying during their holidays, at which time will they get complete break from daily chores and have leisure of free mind.

New schools supporting the movement

It has been notedon ‘debate should students have homework over holiday break’ that mainly new schools are abandoning the tradition of giving homework to students on holidays. Obviously, this movement has received lots of criticism as well as praises.

You can very well understand which group will be on the side of criticism and which group will be on the other side. The majority of first group are parents and teachers and second group comprises of all students. But there is a reason why there is this term ‘majority’. It is because there are many teachers and parents who support abandoning homework on holidays.

Is homework needed?

What is the sole purpose of homework? It is firstly a way to keep students connected to studies. Homework is also assigned many times when daily class hours are not enough to complete a syllabus.

Most of us believe that for primary schools and beginning of secondary school, no student requires homework on holidays if things are thoroughly taught in schools. Schools have to make sure that they are giving their best to make students understand everything clearly in terms of conception.

Up to when is homework not needed?

First two or three years of secondary school can be included in this group as well as they have low educational pressure from school.

The reason why primary and two or three of years of secondary school does not require homework on holidays is that through these years, there is alesser number of subjects and each subject has fewer syllabuses compared to higher class. Also, students of the primary school are still kids and they should enjoy their childhood to the fullest. It is them who enjoy and deserve to enjoy to the fullest on holidays.

As people grow up, several kinds of worries grow up in their mind and also academic pressure increases. People take part in the competition of education in every field where they have to prove themselves as the best.

Higher classes should have homework to some extent on holidays as they need to stay connected to studies all the time, more or less. They have huge syllabus and subjects and they are more prone to forget several things altogether.

Again this is a highly ‘debate should students have homework over holiday break’ topic as each and every guardian thinks differently and can allot different ages for considering no homework on holidays.

Sole purpose of homework

If you are a guardian or a teacher, ask yourself why a student should solve homework? What is the purpose of homework or studying for that matter?

  • To stay in touch with studies.
  • To research on a topic.
  • To explore a topic in detail which is not covered in school?

Striving for marks; not seeking knowledge

In today’s world, theeducation system has reached such a point where excellence is defined by marks and in the course of achieving that, most students are mugging up subjects without having their conceptions clear.

There are many students who even adopt many unfair means to achieve marks. These will happen as teachers, parents and even jobs seeking candidates are all focused on marks and not knowledge. So students will find ways to gather more and more marks fairly or unfairly.

But homework is given so that a student learns more and searches for answers so that he or she has the ability to solve any numerical or question by themselves. When marks are the only parameter of success, why do you need to overburden a student with homework on holidays? Let him or her enjoy the time with friends and family.

Astudent, who solves homework on holidays, mostly will not gain much knowledge by solving those. They know that whether they gain knowledge or not, their parents and teachers will only understand the language of marks. Therefore most students do not give much effort to gain knowledge rather than mugging up.

Do not pressurize your child

If you pressurize a student to study, they will not love it. Love towards anything does not grow up on forcing. Instead, you should make education an entertaining and interactive thing for them, and you will find your child being inquisitive about several topics. They will research on subjects of their choice.

Homework on holiday breaks is a burden

Homework on holidays is a burden for students. They will find everyone enjoying Christmas, and all they have to do is solve homework at home, or they will have to face the consequences at school when it opens.

In this way, you cannot grow the love towards studies in your child. There are some parents who lend their helping hands to their children by solving their homework. This isreally nice and adorable.

Do not solve your child’s homework

But you must realize that there is a difference between helping directly and indirectly. If you solve your child’s homework, you are cutting off the growth chances of your child’s potential of learning. You can always help them by showing them the ways of how to solve the homework. You can even use examples to explain them.

Never do your child’s homework. Let them do as seeing someone else do your job is less effective than doing your own work all by yourself. Thinking and writing, when done together, increases brain’s ability of thinking and things are stored in your brain deeply.

Thorough schooling does not require homework

The bottom line of this ‘debate should students have homework over holiday break’ is that if one school is teaching students conceptually and covering the syllabus thoroughly, then I do not think that a student should be assigned with homework on holidays.