Should Students Have Homework on Weekends – Find out More!

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It is rather interesting to note that students love their weekends, especially when school has not yet declared break. The only thing that can dampen this exciting break is if the teacher assigns a specific amount of homework that is to be done by the pupil in this time of break.

Logically we arrive at the question should teachers give homework over break? Or, should students have homework on weekends? There are two possible arguments that can be presented and both will have equal weight. Hence it will boil down to the perspective of the individual to support the motion or not.

Why must homeworkbe given?

It is important to remember that homework cannot just simply be abolished or ignored. It has been a practice that has been reinforced over the years, and there are reasons for it. There are several utilities of the task which most overlook and they are encapsulated below:

  • Shapes personality

When a student learns to do their own homework and learns to depend on themselves to complete the task at hand, then he or she becomes independent and self-sufficient. These are marks of a complete and holistic personality and thus an ideal necessity for the young minds to learn about responsibility.

  • Inculcates skills

As you learn to do your job, then you begin to look for new and easier ways to get work done. This leads many pupils to visit the library, read more books on education, learn the skills of referencing and finding the right piece of information from a bulk provided.

Even surfing the internet from the right spots is a skill that can only be learned when doing homework. Many ask should students have homework on weekends,for this reason perhaps they should.

  • Widens knowledge

Homework widens our knowledge base. Outside the classroom there is a wide world, and creative projects and assignments allow the chance to study, observe and make note of these intricacies and widen our information base. This is not only for academic purposes, but the knowledge of life is obtained here.

  • Ensures preparation

Completion of homework on time is a sign that you are able to learn and reproduce the learned information. This automatically will imply that as and when you do your assignment and project you are preparing for the final examination or assessment. Thus in a roundabout manner, the final energy which you would have spent studying before an exam is reduced by half if a person chooses to dedicate effort and time to these home tasks.

Therefore, in the final analysis, it must be noted that even though many raise doubts on should students have homework on weekends and believe that modern world does not have time for such activities it is rather important and cannot just be sidetracked.

Why homework shouldbe stopped?

Though in no way can one demean the contribution of homework there are some who argue in favor of removal of this system of evaluation and assessment. These demands are not blank shots in the air but based on logic. The reasons are:

  • Lack of effort

When something is taken beyond a limit, then the student undergoes a severe change in attitude. They begin making less effort to complete the tasks assigned to be completed at home and sometimes even copy blindly from the internet, a book or their friend’s notes. Thus it leads to a drastic fall in effort and compromise on behalf of education. What good is homework if it seems more of a burden than help?

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