5 Pros and 5 Cons of Having a Career in Law

17 Oct 5 Pros and 5 Cons of Having a Career in Law

Students of any stream cultivate a dream to acquire thebest career after the completion of their studies. Some are very confident to choose their educational background that will come in handy later. Usually, we all know that a proper educational background will empower the situation we would want to see ourselves in near future. A career in the law department is a respected and necessary selection. But there are some steps to be followed when this particular agenda is put in front of a student.

“Only you can Change your life, no one can do it for you…”

So if you have chosen this profession then you better buckle up from an early stage. You have to start with your undergraduate and graduate programs. Not only that you have to be prepared for examinations and licensing for this profession. But as it should be clear to you that there are several years required to study this subject, ask first why are you willing to engage those years to become a lawyer? If you have made up your mind then it is time to follow some steps:

Do you know these steps for becoming a lawyer?

These necessary steps should be followed for those harvesting a desire to become a successful lawyer.

  • Completing a bachelor’s degree program that is connected with law divisions. You can only have admission to those law schools when you will possess a proper graduation degree.
  • You have to find out law schools that are available in your state. Sometimes, you can attend through campuses. But be extra careful to not enroll in some school that is too far from your place. You have to attend regular classes for better results.
  • Fill-up application forms of your chosen law schools and get prepared to sit for the admission test.
  • After completing the semesters, earn a Juris Doctor degree.
  • You have to pass the Bass Examination.
  • At last but not the least, you have to keep on practicing for advancing in your career.

Now I am coming to the actual topic of this post. What are the pros and cons of this career? After all, you need a fair share of knowledge on things you are going to face in this profession.There are few professional websites which give authentic information related to all the queries for a perfect law career.

Pros of a career in law:

  • The continuous brewing of excitements:

You just cannot escape this feeling of growing excitements around a case. You are going to face odd perspectives when challenging your fellow lawyer, apparently standing up for the other party. Case studies and then mixingup proves with statements of witnesses are all very interesting if that lawyer is well-informed in their career requirements. Understanding all necessary consequences to validate or dismiss any objectionable status, in that case, is also very important. This should be considered to be a technique of that lawyer to apply whatever is before them and have some importance installed inside.

  • Are you ready for that respect?

Are you ready to grab that respect which is bestowed to you as a lawyer without any compromise? If not better prepare yourself for it. But you need that respect to reaching a top level with continuous practice. You might lose in some cases, but better take that as a teaching and not disrespect. Finding different sources and culminating theories based on various past cases are required in this career. More you become flexible with its need the more you will gain respect in this profession. Not to mention, winning any case will become easier too!

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

  • What is that huge money you are earning?

It may sound very funny, but trust me I know people tend to ask that question a lot when you are going to establish yourself in a career in law. It will start increasing with your reputation and winning histories. Although there are some cases where even with your loss you will be remembered for thetough challenge that was accepted and well-matched till theend.

  • Boundless knowledge waiting foreveryday:

It is almost unimaginable for me to recollect a lawyer having minimum knowledge. I mean, I have learned that personally, lawyers are data gatherers and immensely knowledge holders. You are going to exclude almost all unnecessary information from your mind to store those case studies, case histories, and law in total.

  • Technology at your doorstep:

Technology will be your friend! Knowing all nook and corner with technical assistance for winning a case is very important. There are websites who provide homework and assignment help for such students. Regular updates on cases and study guides with proper materials are prepared by experienced lawyers and professors for you especially!

Cons of a career in law:

  • Huge cost before becoming a lawyer:

I cannot disagree with this statement as it is true! Students trying to become a full-fledged lawyer need to spend a lot of money and time for it. The cost is often so huge that few students have to leave before completing. Time is needed as there will lot of practices and discussion classes.

  • Don’t like that client?

Actually, there is no other substitute in this case. A lawyer has to be prepared to face many unwanted and disturbing characters for that profession. Sometimes, for career’s sake, a lawyer even fights against innocent people to prove them wrong!

  • Losing cases hurt:

This can be regarded as one of the strongest negative points of this career. Losing one case hurts in many ways. A lawyer may lose confidence from them. If it was an easy loss then that lawyer even can bargain for a decreased reputation.

  • Tough situation for women lawyers:

There are tough situations for women lawyers. As there are few who tries to manage their family and career, it becomes very difficult to maintain balance in between. Then there is also a question of creating a balance between practicing law and business of the law!

  • Competition asks a lot out of you:

It can be hardly denied! Not just money at its beginning but time also! You are going to spend much time with your clients, selecting similar cases, studying them, gathering information, witnesses, and their statements, assorting them for a favorable case at hand etc.

At the end, I can say that it is completely upon you to draw the course of your decision for a proper career.

“Successful people will never worry about what others are doing.”