5 Career Opportunities After Passing with Physics

03 Jul 5 Career Opportunities After Passing with Physics

Physics is the basics of engineering, technology and all the other sciences. It can also be referred as “Everyday Science”. Your daily activities are related to Physics in every way. Each movement of yours is related to Physics right from the switching on the light to switching off the light at night before you retire to bed. There are umpteen of career opportunities after passing with Physics like Geophysics, meteorology, Biophysics, Nuclear science etc.

Students who passed with Physics get a job in Government organization, private firms, Laboratories, Defence etc.

5 great career opportunities after passing with Physics “The mother of all science.”


  1. Applied physics-

This subject can be defined as the marriage of Physics with technology. It differs from engineering in the fact that engineers solve the problems faced by humans whereas applied physics uses various researches in Physics to develop new technology like nanotechnology which is booming day by day globally.

Another burning technology in applied physics that goes on flourishing every day is Condensed-matter physics which is a combination of super cooled liquid, liquid, solid, crystalline solid, amorphous materials like polymer, ceramics etc.


  1. Space physics-

By the word “space” you can clearly understand that this field is associated with the earth, the sun and all other celestial bodies in the universe. This field is mainly related to the study of plasmas that generally occurs in the universe. It actually deals with the interaction between the solar bodies and the terrestrial bodies. Remote sensing technology is one of the fields in space physics that is swaying away the digital world.


What does space physicist do?

The space physicist is hired by European space agency, NASA or any other space agencies across the world for the development of satellites to explore the space world.


  1. Nuclear Physics

This is basically related to nuclear science that is used in the construction of nuclear weapons, particle therapy and nuclear power plants etc. Magnetic Resource Imaging and nuclear medicine are the latest discoveries in nuclear physics. Particle therapy is widely used for the treatment of cancer.


What does nuclear physicist do?

Nuclear scientist mainly works in plants, laboratories etc. for the development of energy and power. They are also taking the healthcare industry to its advanced level with the discoveries of nuclear medicines.


  1. Biophysics-

By its name you can understand that it is defined as the utilization of physics to explain the biological phenomenon. It bridges gap between all the activities that living organisms performs and the laws of universe, thus analysing the structure of life with mathematical calculations.


What does biophysicist do?

They are appointed by different universities to peruse their career in academic fields, in addition, they are also hired by different research foundations to conduct research associated with the structure of DNA thereby treating many hereditary diseases that were left untreated generation after generation.


  1. Robotics Science-

This field united the software, mechanics and technology into one science widely known by a term “Robots”. It is basically the science of designing robots which are quite similar to human beings, manufacturing them and their application to specific areas. An artificial limb is one of the very recent discoveries of robotic science.

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What do you think?

If you love Physics, good in logical reasoning, self-motivated, interested in scientific phenomenon, creative etc. these career opportunities are perfect for you to explore the unexplored world.