Methods to Make Unique Assignments on Physics

03 Jul Methods to Make Unique Assignments on Physics

Physics is one of the complicated subjects in science which is the combination of real life applications and Mathematics. If you want to master this subject then “Practice makes a man perfect” is the ideal proverb that you have to follow blindly to achieve the perfection and obtain higher grades in exams. Many find Physics to be very interesting subject whereas some find the subject to be extremely boring and monotonous because of repetitive mathematical calculations.

When it comes to assignments, many students depend on websites that are providing you the solutions which are just like “ready to eat” and in return you have to pay them heavily to get your work done at ease. But now the question comes: Do you think it will really help you? Don’t you think you are spending unnecessarily for the subject that can be done easily with some few unique steps? I will tell you some exceptional steps that will add sparkle to your physics assignment without spending even a penny. Yes, it is absolutely free!


Few unique methods for your Physics assignment

  1. Understand the key terms first-

Physics is not a subject like History or literature where you have to read pages after pages to solve the question. It is a subject which is related to your daily life applications. When we walk it is Physics, when we jump it is also Physics. Therefore, you should first understand the key terms like Force, Kinetic energy, Work, Power etc. For instance, you are doing an assignment on Thermodynamics, so you should first clear the basic concepts like heat, pressure, temperature, conduction, convection, radiation etc.


  1. Focus on the basics

Physics is a subject of number of basic theories which again are linked to other theories giving rise to complexity so unless you are aware of the basic theories you cannot understand the other theories like, the first law of thermodynamics is closely related to conservation of energy so unless you know what is conservation of energy? It will be difficult for you to understand the first law of thermodynamics. Learn the basics first before you enter into the topic for your assignment.


  1. Master the basic constants in physics

In this subject there are some constants that are same wherever it is used, so you should first master those constant like:

  • Speed of light- 3*108 meters/second.
  • Avogadro’s number- 6.02*1023 per mole.
  • Plank’s Constant- 6.63*10-34 joules second.
  • Gravity on Earth- 9.08 meters/second

There are many other constants too that you should memorize by heart which will help you to solve even the toughest assignments easily given by your Physics teacher.


  1. Fix the basic equations on your brain-

This is the subject where all the forces of universe are related to each other giving rise to certain basic equations like:

  • Force= Mass * Acceleration.
  • Work= Displacement * Force.
  • Power= Change in work/Change in time.
  • Velocity= Change in position/change in time.

These are just a few examples that I have given, but there are other basic equations too that you have to keep it in your mind to solve the complicated problems. You should always remember that complex equations come from basic equations.

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Important Tips

Never forget to read the topic before starting your assignment. Make use of all the class notes and the other resources available to you and lastly always check the solved questions and examples at the end of your chapters.