Why Online or Digital Is so Important for the Students Nowadays?

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Online education, digital literacy or learning through the internet – whichever way you call it, this is something that has gained much popularity over the past decade and seems to be quite promising in the years to come. However, there are many, who still consider digital education to be equivalent to a short course on Microsoft Word or Excel. I wouldn’t blame them because they haven’t had the scope to enjoy the advantages or understand the importance of digital education for students.

In this current world, where dependency on the internet has been a common household factor for many internet users, online education is a really important medium. Students can be largely benefited with this medium and education reaches even more enthusiastic learners.

The popular mediums:

When you are talking about the different mediums of education, it is a must that you know about the popular digital education mediums. These include –

  • Online live streaming classes and courses
  • Software-based learning platforms
  • YouTube and other similar audio-visual education medium
  • Blogs for educational resources
  • E-books
  • Apps for knowledge on the go

Students can choose any of these platforms or make use of all of these platforms to make their learning session even more interesting.

Importance of online or digital education:

Digital education is gradually gaining more popularity. Schools, colleges and universities are taking help of this platform for a more elaborate, useful and convenient spread of education. If you are still sceptic about the benefits, utility and importance of this platform, read on!

  1. Access to information on a vast scale:

This is probably the most important advantage of digital education – you can access every single piece of information on any given topic. Students, who depend on the traditional education medium such as the books, libraries and reference study materials like journals or papers ad articles, often, have to experience a limit in the availability of study materials and information. But, with online education platform, accessing information on a larger scale is way much easier.

  1. Learning becomes more comfortable:

Often, in the case of classroom learning and in-person learning, where there are many students and only one instructor, it is a problem for the students to cope with the lecture in their own learning pace. Different students have different learning paces. Some learn fast, and some learn slowly.

If you can grasp a topic faster and want to proceed to the next level, online education gives you this facility. On the other hand, slow learners can take their time; review a lesson time and again, without the physical need to proceed with the next session or lecture, without having the last lecture understood.

  1. Better retention rate:

We all have been through this in our childhood. Think of those books that didn’t have any pictures in them. Were they fun to read at all? It is a proven fact that doesn’t require any special mention that audio and video can help in memory and retention.

Online education uses digital platforms for delivering a lesson. You will get –

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Use of images and diagrams
  • Audio-visual presentation of a lesson.

Certainly, retention is better with these online classes.

  1. Learning on your own:

This is something that I personally have experienced well. Education through digital platforms makes students more active with their learning abilities. Rather than blandly listening to the teacher and what the instructor has to instruct about, students can make learning more personal.

  1. Education becomes creative and engaging:

As I have already mentioned, how lessons could be made more interesting with the various online lesson presentation platforms, it actually makes lessons more creative. The aesthetic sense of presentation, what looks, sounds and feels good to read and write about, can well be understood with this platform. This really helps a student in the future endeavours, where he or she will require to make projects, assignments, make a thesis or present papers. They will be creative, interesting to look at and enjoyable to read.

There are various methods that will help a student to stay engaged to the online educational platforms. These are –

  • Videos
  • Games
  • Debate
  • Discussion forum
  • Conjecture

All these platforms help a student to stay engaged to what is being taught.

  1. Learn anytime and anywhere:

Students, who choose the online and digital education platform, can greatly be benefited with the amazing feature of learning from anywhere and at any time. The geographical barrier wouldn’t stop a student from accessing a college or university of his or her choice.

Moreover, if you are working somewhere in a full-time work atmosphere, you will not have to worry about how you will continue your studies. You can simply choose the suitable or convenient time and pursue your educational course and classes from the respective institutions.

  1. Collaboration and interaction:

With the online education platform, I have met with students from all across the globe. Communicating with them, working with them, sharing views and ideas with them and learning something new every time becomes absolutely easy with this platform.

  1. It is affordable:

Think practically! You don’t need to travel distances, stay in rented rooms or hostel and spend a lump sum amount of money in buying study materials. In short, online education is way more affordable than the traditional educational platform.

  1. Gain support online:

Even solution to educational problems, sums, projects and assignments are way much easier online. No need to rush to tutors or teachers or seniors asking for help. You can save time and have your projects done by the academic professionals online. This is a very convenient way to get educational support from the professionals. This will help you to prepare yourself for exams and learn your lessons and not spend much time in the projects. But, these professional supports will help you in a better understanding of your projects.

So, you must have understood how important it is for all the students to opt for this platform. Online or digital education is the future of education. For a digital citizen, this is a must!