Why Is Exam the Biggest Challenge for Students? Problems and Solutions!

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Examination is the prime action of each academic level to understand the skill or proficiency of a student. Suppose, a student is in standard IX, and after completing his final examination he will be promoted to standard X. Unless he gains the knowledge and shows that through his examination, he will not be able to get the success or promotion. Now, you can easily understand how proper knowledge of each subject is important for a student. The skill of study is thus very important to make your life completely successful.

The above discussion is just about the examinations of students, but they must be aware of their challenges. The challenging conditions will be there for students only when they do not take the things very seriously from the beginning. However, those who accept the challenges without thinking much, they are always prepared for their work and mindset. So, you may notice that if you accept the challenge of your examination, your preparation will be perfect and you can easily achieve your target. However, the students will face a lot of problems and a bigger challenge when they are not prepared in such a way which they should care about from the beginning. So, you will face a lot of difficulties in case you are not ready for your exam. At that moment the easy things will be very difficult for you.

What are the problems for the students? How to solve these problems?

The problems are not unknown to the students when they have their examination. Now, what problems are there? In addition, what are the solutions to these problems? If any student desire to overcome his problems, then he must understand his problem and then he can easily solve out this.

  • Unable to complete their examination portion

 All students who do no take their study seriously are unable to complete their portion properly. Due to lack of seriousness in their study from the beginning a student faces difficulties during their examination.

Solutions – It is important for a student to concentrate on his study. Each work is important as homework and other work to achieve the academic success in life to make his life more successful. However, if anyone is not serious, then he will not be able to concentrate on his study, and ultimately he does score well according to the requirement. So, you have to be very serious about your study. You can enjoy life, but at the study time, you have to think that how to complete each subject properly. For the challenges, each day is important for their study.

  • Creates confusion a lot

Students get confused between the similar types of questions and their answers. They sometimes think that they have written the correct answer, but their written answers are completely wrong as they were confused at the time of examination.

Solution – Only to overcome this part of difficulty, all students need to complete his study in a proper time. It means they just need to maintain their timetable and they must follow it very strictly. Confusion will occur only when the students do not give time in practicing. So, they must have a revision time from the day one of their academic sessions.

  • Students are unable to complete the requisite number of questions

Due to the lack of practice on time; it becomes difficult for them to complete all answers within the limited time.  It means they have to think a lot about each question and if they know, they write very slowly and will be unable to complete the answers properly.

Solutions – Consider this common problem in mind and try to complete your homework and other works in a limited time. This is known as deadline of work. So, if you are not very serious about this problem, then you can easily think that how much difficult it would be when you know the answer but not able to complete all.

  • Study for a long time and till late night

This is a big sign of examination and people will be surprised to know that many students just take care of those subjects which are interesting to them. It means if they have 10 subjects at the school level, including social studies with Geography, History, Political Science, and they are not interested in that subject. They take care of it only before their exam. This makes it messy for them at the time of examination, and they score less. It means taking care of all subjects are very important for students. How will a student at the school level be able to complete the portion of history before 2 days of examination?

Solution – This common problem has only one solution for students, and that is reading the subjects daily for a few minutes. No need to learn history for a long time before the examination, because it will make your learned portion difficulty in retrieving while you write in your exams. So, what is the right solution? The right solution is reading or revision of the study portion daily. Just give 30 minutes daily and read the taught portion daily without fail. If you repeat the things, again and again, you will be able to learn your portion before your examination. You will get that the study of the current time and previous time will get repeated. Now, you don’t have to learn for a long time on the day before your examination.

  • Mathematics becomes difficult

Do you know that some students get a cent percent score in mathematics, while some others do not score well, even less than 50%? This is also a common problem with students.

Solution – Mathematics depends on formulas and theories. So, you need to learn the different formulas related to a particular chapter. Completing one exercise is good, but start doing this any time will give you a proper idea that you are still perfect with that portion or not. So, do mathematics for your knowledge completely and not just for your exam. It will give you an exact way to get the score.

 Now, you can easily understand your problems and get rid of it very carefully.