Top 5 Reasons Why Students Should Not Have Homework!

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Homework has long been considered an essential and unavoidable part of student life. It is considered to be a valuable learning tool that helps students practice, revise, apply and consolidate new learning.

It is meant to augment classroom learning at home where students have more time and freedom to learn and explore topics in great detail. However, recent research suggests no direct link between homework and academic achievement. Therefore its role as an effective learning tool is now being called into question.

So before you assign your students homework, or ask your children to complete their homework assignments, consider these 5 reasons why students should not have homework:

Reasons why students should not have homework:

  1. Students have packed schedules:
  • In today’s age, children aren’t expected only to focus on school, assignments and projects.
  • They are required to be extremely balanced and well-rounded students who are capable of taking part in a number of activities in and out of school while getting the best marks possible.
  • Parents have a tendency to enroll their children in a number of after-school activities, plus give them daily chores and expect them to manage homework during the day as well.
  • Students also participate in a number of extracurricular activities and clubs during school hours.
  • This takes away time from the number of classes they are able to attend, making it very difficult to cope with what is being done in class.
  • However, if students refrained from doing this they lose out on a chance to apply to the best colleges because they do not have other credentials to support their grades.
  • With seven to eight hours of school, plus hobbies and other classes (dance, music, etc.), it becomes difficult for them to sit down and complete assignments at the end of the day.
  • This is one of the key reasons why students should not have homework especially when most of them have packed schedules.
  1. Children need time to relax and unwind:
  • Like all adults, even children need to relax and release some stress whether it is by playing video games, watching TV or chatting with friends.
  • But thanks to such rigid schedules, students are unable to take time off to distress.
  • Children also need to learn how to keep themselves occupied when bored or alone.
  • They do not get the opportunity to do this because of all the extra classes and activities. They are constantly socializing and doing something.
  • When children are given the time to relax they are unsure of how to use it. They feel irritable, jittery and bored and do not know how to occupy themselves efficiently.
  • This isn’t ideal because every child needs to learn how to operate independently and figure out what they truly enjoy or don’t.
  • Most of what they’re doing is forced on them which is one of the reasonswhy students should not have homework.
  • It is understandable why there is a difficulty in doing this when after a long day of school; students have at least 3 or so hours of homework and assignments to complete.
  1. Students benefit from extracurricular activities:
  • Contrarily, minus the homework and school work, children can truly benefit from other activities like sports, debate club, music lessons, etc.
  • After 7 hours of studying in school, it is understandable why extracurricular activities can seem like enjoyable activities to children.
  • While homework, on the other hand, is just extra hours of studying and doing projects.
  • Many children are able to learn more from actually doing things than simply answering questions or writing essays for class.
  • Doing physical tasks are more beneficial and assist in memory retention and learning various skills that are useful throughout one’s life.
  1. Homework can be a cause of stress:
  • Homework is one of the leading causes of stress for children and one of the most important reasons why students should not have homework.
  • There is so much pressure on children to be academically successful and focus on getting good grades, that the scope to develop in other fields is reduced.
  • Not all children are meant for academics; some have skills or interest in other departments that are completely ignored because of how the schooling system operates or functions.
  • This pressure to study subjects one does not enjoy, or to spend hours doing homework that doesn’t interest students creates a lot of pressure.
  • Not only are they required to finish the work but they must submit it before the deadline as well and ensure that everything is correct.
  1. There are other alternatives to homework assignments:

The debate about the pros and cons will continue, but with a little experimentation and understanding, a balance can be found.