Top 10 Reasons Why Homework Is Important to a Student’s Development

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Academic life has become more competitive than ever before. Students are assigned more homework assignments nowadays in order to keep up with their studies.

Though research shows no definitive link between homework and academic improvement, most teachers and parents still consider it to be an effective learning tool. However, homework today focuses more on a student’s development than learning.

Consider this list of Top 10 reasons why homework is important for every student’s development in order to understand how homework seeks to affect not only your  learning and academic prowess, but also your all round development:

  1. Homework assignments are assigned for practice:

Practice is one of the top 10 reasons why homework is important. Teachers swear by practice assignments with subjects like mathematics and science. Students benefit a great deal from these assignments that are designed to help them develop their speed, skill and accuracy so that they perform better in their examinations.

  1. Homework supports classroom learning:

It is not always possible to cover an entire topic in detail in one classroom lesson. While a teacher can normally go over the important points in the classroom, students benefit when this is augmented by a more in-depth self-study.

This is especially beneficial with subjects like History where it is difficult to limit oneself to a set curriculum. If you need help with other subjects like Chemistry, try to understand How to do your Chemistry homework properly and improve your grades.

  1. Assignments consolidate new knowledge:

Homework is often assigned to help students revise what they have already learnt. Revision is also one of the top 10 reasons why homework is important. Revision assignments are designed to give students a chance to consolidate new learning by revising it in a manner that improves their retention of the subject.

  1. Homework can help students prepare for class:

Teachers assign background assignments in order to prime students for new concepts. For instance your English teacher may ask you to read up on the history of the Elizabethan age so that you understand Shakes pearian drama better. A little background before the lesson actually helps you comprehend what is being taught in class better. Students who come into class without going through their recommended reading tend to miss out and feel lost during the lesson.

  1. It can help students apply new concepts:

When you consider 10 reasons why homework is important, you must consider application assignments. Students learn new formulae and new concepts in the classroom. However,in order to understand them fully, they need to apply those formulae and solve problems by themselves. Students learn more from anapplication that they do from lectures themselves.

  1. Homework assignment steach students to study independently:

Homework gives students a chance to study independently and explore subjects in greater detail than is possible in class. This freedom to explore helps them channel their natural curiosity and develop a genuine interest and love for a subject. Further, it teaches them to conduct independent research. They learn to handle resource material, think critically and solve problems by themselves.

  1. Homework is an invaluable tool for teachers:

Teachers need to understand their students and gauge how much they have understood in class. Homework may be used as a tool to help teachers evaluate students in order to identify and address problem areas. This is one of the top 10 reasons why homework is important in the classroom. Teachers sometimes assign special homework to students to help them work on their problem areas.

  1. Assignments help students learn personal skills:

Homework also functions as a developmental tool that teaches students important personal skills. It teaches them to be responsible and accountable. They learn to manage their time and meet deadlines. Time management, accountability and responsibility are important life skills that students will need throughout their lives.

Further homework also equips students with research and problem-solving skills that will help them to think critically and hold them in good stead in the future.

  1. Homework assignments connect parents with the school:

Homework is the bridge that connects parents to the school. It is a tool used to keep parents apprised of their child’s progress at school which makes it one of the top 10 reasons why homework is important.

Not only do they learn what their children are being taught at school, but they also become aware of their progress in class. It gives teachers and parents a chance to communicate and work together to help the student work on their weaknesses and harness their strengths.

  1. Homework can be a bonding experience for parents and children:

Homework gives parents a chance to be involved in their child’s progress at school. While homework may be a bone of contention between parents and children, if handled correctly, it can actually blossom into an excellent bonding experience for the entire family.

Most children need a little guidance with their homework and a little support at home will help them feel loved and appreciated. Just ensure that you do not do their work for them.

So go ahead and use these tips in order to understand the importance to homework to a student’s development.