Tips to Help You in Doing Social Studies Homework

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Social studies is the most under-rated subject by the students as well as parents as they think it is not as important as mathematics, science and many other subjects. But parents often forget that social studies is not only a subject but a collection of three very important sub-subjects like history, which gives us the knowledge of our roots: civics which, gives us a glimpse into our political and social life in our area, state, and country and finally, Geography which, keeps us update with our land formation on which we live.

So, in short, social studies are a very important and ignorant subject. Today, I am going to share an experience of mine with you guys which is related to the subject social studies which will definitely help you in social studies homework help. So, here we go:

When I was in 8th class I was very ignorant towards social studies as it was boring to me as well as non-scoring like mathematics and science. But, in my monthly exams I have to secure marks to get a pass certificate in each subject and social studies was also there. I was scared by the social studies as remembering the dates related to history were a daunting task for me and my friends as well. Then, one day when I was preparing social studies, my father sat beside me and found how much I was ignorant towards social studies then he decided to teach me in a layman’s language. My father told me about the glory of our history from which I was not familiar till now and realized what I was missing during my foundational period of my life i.e. school days.

I was amazed to know the historical importance of our past which was glorious and mesmerizing; I felt privileged to know the meaning of having a voting right after I will be eighteen years old because of our constitution which was a part of my syllabus in the civics; I was surprised to know how it took billions of years to build earth the way it looks today.

So, finally I know the importance of social studies in my education as well as in my self-development also. That day, changed my views towards the social studies and I started to take interest in social studies and results were very encouraging as I was doing very good in social studies.

Reasons to study social studies:

  • Gives us a holistic approach to our surroundings
  • Takes us on a ride to our history where we realize the importance of our past
  • Tells us about our ancestors
  • Got to know about our political formation in our country
  • Got to know about our geography where we live and other relevant facts
  • A complete package to quench our thrust for knowledge

What to do with social studies homework

Undoubtedly, homework of social studies is not enjoyed by the students as the subject is not liked by them. So, what to do then, we have to complete homework and it is not optional at all. Then, we have to make it interesting to study social studies but how? Wait you are going to know it soon. Following tips are going to social studies homework help.

How to make social studies interesting

  • History-

History always annoys students by its dates, dynasties and what not! While studying history try to make a story of a lesson like the story of the king, queen and villain just like all the wars were fought for the throne, territories and honor.

  • Civics-

Most informative part for the students as they are going to be responsible students of the country one day. Try to connect all the terms you find in your way while studying civics to the present political system of your state and country. You will come to know the exact answer instead of manufactured answers which are crammed by you for the sake of marks and it will enhance your understanding as a citizen of your country.

  • Geography-

Most logical part of the social studies as it is related to the science as the process of the earth formation, mountain building, causes of floods, earthquakes and many more phenomena related to geography.

  • Role of teacher-

Teacher is the most important joint between study and student. If a teacher makes his/her way of teaching social studies interesting then students will definitely be interested to know more about history, civics, and geography.

  • Switching-

If you are doing homework related to geography and you are bored then immediately switched to history to make your interest in the homework. Switching between parts of a subject makes a subject more acceptable to students which is otherwise will be a monotonous task which has to be completed.

  • Documentary-

Visualization plays an important role to make thing interesting when it comes to study social studies and social studies homework help. When you documentary related to a part of the history you will get to know the detail of that incident but in an interesting way. So, watch a documentary which can be related to history, civics, and geography.

I am concluding this blog with the famous saying which is related to history and it is “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.