Reorganize your Study Habits to Crack Exam and Score the Highest Marks!

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Studying accountancy is not an easy task. One has to have a solid strategy and structured approach to go into depth of this subject and understand it properly. Student has to listen to the lectures vary attentively, divide their study time among various topics, practice every day and prepare with a help of mock tests before examinations.

Start to reorganize your study habits before it gets too late.

Stay up to date

  • Keeping oneself up-to-date requires the individual to attend every day lectures with attention and submit their accounting assignment answers on time.
  • Stay well versed with the course structure and syllabus.

Pre-lecture tips

  • Usually the professors inform next day’s topic.
  • Read all introduction very carefully before lecture begins.
  • This would give you a good feel during the lecture and boost your confidence.

Things to do during the lecture

  • Come to the class at right time.
  • Put an end to all day dreams and listen to the professor.
  • Note down every main topics taught point wise.
  • Write down the names of the books which be referred.
  • Ask questions for any help need to write down accounting assignment answers.
  • Clear all confusions.

Post lecture tips

  • Review class notes on a daily basis.
  • Go through the accounting assignment answers for every day revision.
  • Read a power point slides if the professors send you any.
  • Keep all important notes arranged.

Pre-examination preparation

  • Solve every problem which had been done in class and included in a textbooks, at least twice.
  • Study in a group. Conduct quizzes and solve questionnaires.

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