Nervous Learning a New Language? Know the Possible Reasons and Get the Solutions!

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Have you ever been so stressed that your study starts to trouble you? You know you need to study, but you are scared of doing it. You can’t think of anything straight at that moment. Well, this happens to a lot of languages that students’ study at the beginning.

As an adult learning, a new language is never easy. At first, you might feel super excited for going back to school, but soon you face the harsh reality. After every language class, you feel like running away. Someone in your head keeps saying, ‘This is not happening’.

But, you are the one to help yourself out in this situation. You have to accept that it will be troublesome and you have to wipe away the little pinch of frustration it gives you. Lack of proper words or maybe a little faulty grammatical construction ruins your day at times. But you have to keep all the negative vibes aside and stick to your goals

However, it’s not easy to start learning a language as a grown-up. Language learning goes through different phases and the excitement always goes down. At first, you have a lot of motivation, you start mastering few greetings or talk a few sentences about yourself, and everyone keeps congratulating on your progress.

But then comes the most challenging part. Complex grammar constructions, difficult words to pronounce, lack of exact words in your vocabulary everything gives you nothing but frustration. At this point maybe some of us end up leaving the course as well. The same happened to one of my friends when she went to learn German and ended up leaving the class in between.

Here are some tips to get over the phase and stick to your target:

  • Reconsider your goal

Think of how your career will do when you learn the foreign language. Think of the positive things that will come to your way. A new language can change your world view for the rest of your life. Try to motivate yourself at times. Think of how the course is going to cost you financially and mentally as well. Don’t freak out but though, freaking out is never going to help you with something.

  • Don’t focus on the immediate results you get

It’s not humanly possible to improve after every class you attend. Language learning is going to take some time. You are supposed to make mistakes, and that’s how you learn something entirely new.  There’s a whole world that keeps passing negative comments at your every small detail; you should not do that too!

  • Accept the faults you are making

It’s very much natural that you will make few mistakes at the beginning. That’s how we learn. You have to keep the negative vibes aside and move on.

  • Work limited time

Take breaks at times. Don’t involve yourself so much in the job that you can’t see any other thing. Too much stress or anxiety can slow down normal work procedure.

  • Get over the excuses

You will start having a lot of excuses at the middle of your course while you will search for reasons not to continue it.Ideas like “Maybe I am too old for it