Know When Your Child Is Overburdened with Homework!

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Schools resuming the session or closing for a vacation, you and your child keep bemoaning over the homework. Monday, Tuesday, holiday or any other day, your child comes home loaded with worksheets, reports to write, sums to compute and countless other stuff. By the time they slog through it, it is past bedtime. The time for homework has dramatically increased in the last 20 years. Though there are certain advantages to it, but it has made the lives of our children complex.

Studies indicate that the middle school students on an average spend 2 hours a day to complete their homework. Then there are other chores of work they need to accomplish. Self-study is also very important. In fact, after such a tiring day, there is not much time left for self-study.

The usual trends that survey reflects is, when children are studying in elementary schools, parents, tend to spend a quality amount of time with them to get the homework done. Consequently, parents know every tit bit of their child’s academic lives. However, as they get into the middle schools, the involvement of parents in homework of their children has seen to be decreased. But even at that time, in most of the cases, you know when is your child overburdened with homework. Here is a compiled list of indications that reflects the signs when your child is overburdened with homework.

  1. The most observable one – ‘Bag getting heavy than usual’

So many subjects to study in a day with so many books. The fear of punishment compels the students to bring all the books, forgetting about the burden. Then, there are the classwork notebooks as well. Adding to these burden are the homework notebooks. This makes their school bags no less than a gunny bag.

  1. One that actually happens – ‘Writing till late night’

Largely, there have been two modes of self-study. These are reading and writing. Look if your young one is spending too much of his or her time in the later one. If that is the case, try to observe the writing pattern. Is it ‘recalling and writing’ or is it ‘copying and writing’?

One more indication could be writing that involves more focus on presentation, be it through the usage of coloured pens or using coloured papers for decoration. Usually this trend is followed by students writing their homework or assignments just because they were told to do, or where these homework activities form a part of the term-end final assessments.

  1. One that is observed over a period of time – ‘Increase in self-centric behavior’

If it is happening, it is not a strange thing. There are several critical stuffs that your child has forgotten. Your child has forgotten to relax, hang out with friends, even sit-down for a meal with the family, but he or she now is seen to keep writing on and on. Yes, this is highly possible that all your child’s senses these days are actively involved in completion of homework.

  1. The after-effects -‘Weight gain’

Yes, lack of physical activities makes your child stick to the books and notebooks all the day. No exercise, no cycling, even missing the practice of his or her favorite sport, are actually the result of burying nose in the books all the noon and all the evening.

  1. The quite common – ‘Sleep hacking’

It is very necessary for your child to have a sleep of 8-10 hours every night. However, if that is not happening, then you definitely need to re-do your child’s schedule. Chances are that the lack of sleep is because of the extreme pressure that is being put by the thing called, homework.

These are quite a few indications that might signify that your child is going through tremendous pressure of homework. However, nothing works better than your conversation with your champ. The conversation may initiate with, ‘How was your day?’ or ‘So, how did you celebrate your friend’s birthday?’ or ‘Tell me, what you will like to have in the dinner, today?’ and can stretch upto ‘What did you study in your school today?’ The answers from your child will come on their own.

Despite of these things, it is not a wise idea to call off the concept of homework completely. But yes, improvisation to homework should be made as early as possible. Till that occurs, you as parents could possibly, take a few proactive steps by talking to the teacher, and school management committee.

Final words

The best learning gift, you could probably get for your child, is to encourage him or her learn things by doing. As far as the theoretical and homework portion is concerned, there are several websites that have emerged and proved to be promising for homework help. You could give them a try!