Know About the Best Android Apps for College Students 2016

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These days, you won’t find students that don’t use gadgets. This is also a well-known fact they use various Android applications not only for entertainment purpose but also for making their studies much easier. Many mobile manufacturers have introduced a dozen of apps and programs that can be very useful and informative.

If you want to keep up your studies with this fast moving time as well as want to boost your study process, then you must know what these apps are and how they are helpful for you.

Here are the details about some of the best Android apps for college students 2016. Just read it carefully!

  1. Ever note

Ever note is considered as the king when it comes to taking notes. This is one of the best Android apps for college students 2016 as it has a feature set that composes clipping, combines bookmarking add many more things.

If you want to ditch your to-do list app because they are taking up much space on your mobile devices, then you can also use this app for making your to-do lists.

It will be a good deal to choose Ever note instead of choosing many apps for your study kit. This application is available on multiple platforms. It can be used perfectly for mobile apps as well as in web browser. This application comes with add-ons/plug-in.

  1. Pocket

Sometimes you need do research on a particular topic which may yield some very helpful search links. However, the time is not appropriate for reading them at one go. The pocket can be a handy tool for you in such situation. You can simply add links that you have searched for the reference to this and read them whenever you find it convenient. This will save you from going through deep in your browser history to find a link that you were reading before.

This is not it; this application provides you with an opportunity for organizing your information very conveniently so that it won’t get messed up so that you don’t have to waste your time in searching for a particular detail. You can organize your links by tagging them according to your –

  • Semester
  • Course
  • The year and adding other details.
  1. Studious

How frequently do you forget about the time and date of your test? Do you always know the time of next lecture, the deadline of your homework and subject of your next class? The studious is indeed the best Android apps for college students 2016. It helps you in reminding things that are vital, and you forgot often. This problem is solved thanks to Studious forever. What you need to do is just enter details like –

  • Time of your class
  • Location
  • Professor in this application.

It will remind you when it is the right time.

  1. com

This is the best Android apps for college students 2016 who read many books on various topics and for word enthusiastic. While reading when you come across some tricky words, will make it easy for you to find words that you are not sure about. There is a bonus for students who like to spy on their classmate because this application allows you to see which words people around you are looking for.

  1. Self control

It is easy for college students to distract from studying. They can’t stay away from social networking sites. They need to share latest updates about them with the world and check the latest updates from their friends on Facebook.

The Self control app is created to avoid these distractions. This application blocks some of the websites that distract you from studying. The good thing is this application blocks these sites for just a given fraction of the time. When you finish with your class or your work you can resume to your favorite social networking site.

  1. Real calc Scientific Calculator

The name itself explains what this application is for as well as its functions and features. If you are a student pursuing mathematics and always require the calculator for solving different math problem and equations quickly, then Real calc Scientific Calculator is a great help for you.

After having this application, you will never fear for losing your calculator while going for your class. At the same time, you don’t have to carry your calculator every time.

  1. Jump cut

While writing essays how often you use copy paste buttons? There are a few students that add a few phrases of their own in a copied material and present it as a new one. Does this sound similar to you? If you are also doing the same thing, then Jump cut can be your savior.

This application helps you in saving a lot of your time. This application provided you with the access to all your copied texts and pasted even before you copy another text. This can be considered as the best Android apps for college students 2016 who have to submit essays and reports on a frequent basis.