7 Best Career Options You Can Choose After Getting an English Degree

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Everyone aims for a good career. Career is the prime objective of every person’s life. It is true that the world has a big demand for scientific and technical students. Still, one thing that continuously binds and takes them going all together is English. Language plays a great role in not only communication but also in breaking the bonds and crossing linguistic boundaries.

Importance of English Language:

  • The English language plays a vital role in official communications

English has come up as a primary language to be used all over the world. Every official work, be it involves the form filling or some any other official formalities or application is done in English only. In government or private companies with their offices in different countries all communicate with English only. All the information related to any article, news, conferences is all done in English.

  • The importance of English in a student’s life and the education system

According to the need of the hour, studies are done in English. The subject is included from the basic level only. It has been made mandatory till higher secondary. English is asked to check the command over the language in various competitive exams. All the interviews are conducted in English language itself.

  • Must for student’s going to foreign universities

There are various universities around the world where the students want to seek admission. These are mostly selected by exams, all over the world. But ultimately end up in a college where they will have to converse in English only as it is the international standard. The teachers, staff and others follow only English.

  • For communication in trade, import and export

The trading systems, various policies, treaties are all done in English. The unit of measurements prescribed in this language does not lead to any confusion and easy to understand.

Different career options with an English degree

There are various options lined up for you after you have an English degree. All the top-level,jobs mainly involve speaking and motivating skills. So if you have an English degree, you have a brilliant future in almost all the domains. There is a huge demand for good English speakers and writers all over the world. The various career options you have are explained in detail in the below points:

·         Mass communication, journalism and media oriented careers

Starting from the newspapers to radio stations or say the televisions, the main language for conversation is English. You can apply as a report writer, journalist, editor of a newspaper or some television channel. You can use your English to be the content provider of media related companies, as there is a huge demand for these people.

·         Publishing careers as an English graduate

Although digital media have been revolutionary in the past decade, there are still many job options in this field. There are so many small scale companies who need you. You can be their magazine writers, media writers, script writers for various small theatres. You can work for many small companies who need good English writers for slogans, or the content of their pamphlets. You can even work as an editor to supervise the work checking the grammar and the spelling mistakes.

·         Teaching and academic careers

Teaching is such a noble profession. You can spread your knowledge and gain so much respect in the society. You can use your skills to teach the young about its basics. There is such a shortage of good teachers. You can use knowledge help people both read and write better English.

You can even pursue a higher degree like going for PhD, to have complete knowledge about the subject and you can then assist so many people to do PhD under your supervision.

About Marketing, advertising careers

Another one field that gives you all a successful career option with a good amount of money is marketing. You just need to have good conversation skills, and you will simply be on the top. You can even be a good consultant in any reputed company where the prime requirement is to talk and impress upon people. There are so many options in advertising agencies also where you can join as the main content provider or some paperwork job.

If you get stuck in between any workload, you can take assistance of online academic professionals to guide you further. Students can even take help to complete their homework with relevant information to achieve higher grades.

Law as an option:

There is an exceptional career waiting for you in law also. There is so much of arguments and writing work to be in this field. So there are higher studies in law that will take you to be a lawyer. With your good English skills, you can reach great heights and enjoy a respectable position in the society. There are many cases regarding legal issues, and here, good documentation is required for the case analysis. In the case study, one needs to have a good English to understand not only the technical terms but also the meaning clearly.


After all the discussion about the various advantages of English, how it can lead to a successful career. One can understand that it is a global language and is of very much importance. The students, office going people no one can neglect it. Also, the most important point is that there are many career options and opportunities with it. All you have to get is an English degree, and it will open doors to your employment, and you can take the first step towards your career.