6 Academic Hacks That Every Topper Needs to Know About

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We all study hard, we all prepare for the exams, yet only a few people seem to have reserved the topper’s position. And those who top do it quite consistently. Why is that? Students often wonder what they are doing wrong and what is it that the toppers are doing so right? What is the difference between their preparations? Of course there is something, some tricks they have got up their sleeves, which are working for them and not for you. But behold as I now reveal those trade secrets to! You want to top? Wish granted! Here’s how you can do it, I’ll tell you the spell, but remember the wand is in your hand!


  1. Don’t study hard, study smart!

There’s no point in swallowing entire books, you know! If you try to remember too much, you’ll only end up forgetting. Instead, focus on important parts and casually go through the rest. You’ll know what’s important if you pay attention in class (which is what toppers do), and once you’ve got the idea, the perimeter you’ve got to cover becomes much smaller.


  1. Do some research

This point is directly related to studying smart. It’s better to make your preparation topic oriented, that is, to pick out certain important topics or questions from your chapters and to study in such a way that you’ll be equipped to answer those questions. How will you know what these important questions are? Previous years’ question papers, duh! No one sits there inventing new questions every year (when you are appearing for a board exam, particularly!). So, trust me when I say there’ll be repetitions, and you must prepare accordingly.

If this idea still leaves you with some doubts, be a little more proactive and ask your teachers what’s important. That’ll certainly point out which parts demand more attention.


  1. Don’t rest until you’ve got all answers

If you want to top, you cannot have a laid back attitude. A topper has an answer to every question that arises in his mind. Approach your professor, your tutor, or better yet, get online assignment help. These folks are really cool and they seem kind of happy to help. You can ask as many questions as you like, they’ll patiently help and the best part is there services are available 24 x 7! Literally!


  1. Broaden you’re scope of knowledge

This is very important when applying for entrance exams or such. You better be prepared for dodge balls. Try and expand your reading arena a bit, improve your knowledge, this way you’ll get ahead of others by answering questions they know nothing about.


  1. Have an organized approach

Trust me, irrespective of what they say, no topper can get all prepared for the exam overnight. Such proficiency takes time. Give yourself the time you need. Chalk out the plan, set deadlines, allot separate time for studying and revisions, and don’t leave yourself grasping for time at the last moment.

Knowing how to work in an organized manner will also prove to be beneficial in life for students who look forward to building a career in management.  But for that, you’ll need to know a lot more; there are basically 10 steps to a successful career in management.


  1. Mock tests

Practice makes a man perfect. Make sure you appear for a number of mock tests before sitting for the actual exam. This will refine your knowledge before the big day!

So, it’s time to work the magic. Work like a topper and you’ll end up as one!