10 Tips to Enhance the Iq Level of Your Child

06 Jul 10 Tips to Enhance the Iq Level of Your Child

Are you worried about the development of your child? Think he/she is not intelligent enough to achieve all the dreams that you have for them? Are you worried that you child is disinterested in studies because he is not intelligent enough? Worried about their poor performance?Well, it is only natural that you worry about your child.

But relax, all will be fine. The intelligence level of your child depends on a number of factors, their genetic factor, and the environment they are nurtured in, the nutrition they receive and so on.By the age of five, a child intelligence level is already tested through some test which determines their IQ level and state the best option for their education- a private school, a public school or a school for the gifted.

Thus, it is only natural that you worry about their future from such a tender age when their intelligence is already measured at such an age.

10 tips to enhance the IQ level

As a parent you want your child to get the best: the bets education, the best life, the best career. However, all of this is only possible when the IQ level of your child is high. If you are child’s IQ level is average or slightly below average, there are ways to improve it.

Wondering how? Well, listed below are some tips which will ensure that your child’s intelligence level improves and they experience the best of everything in life.

“You can’t choose your potential, but you can choose to fulfil it.”

  1. Talk to your child

It is important that you establish a connection with your child and communicate with them freely. This allows them to enhance their language and uses better words. It makes them proficient when they are brought up in high language homes as compared to low language homes.

However, you need to pay attention to your child when they are speaking and correct and redress any word that they might be pronouncing wrong or spelling wrong. Moreover, if you merely pretend to listen, they will close off eventually and rarely talk which will hamper their growth.

  1. Play games

Play interactive games with your child as much as you can. Involve them in puzzles, blocks, and even video games to enhance their growth. These games serve as an exercise for your child’s mind and help them build problem-solving skills. It stimulates the activity of the brain and helps them think more, and helps them remember better.

Wondering how video games help? Well, when they are killed in the game or fail to be successful in a mission, they develop a different strategy to tackle the problem and hence, it develops their analytical skills.

  1. Indulge in books

Books are a brilliant medium that allows your child to develop their brain. Through such an exercise, the child is intruded to the art of reading which improves their language skills, stretches their imagination and makes them more creative.

They retain information better from such an exercise and if it’s a pictorial book, then it helps retain information better as the brain works better with visual images.  However, make sure that it is shared reading. Read the books together or make them read the book. Do not read the book only by yourself as it would be counterproductive.

  1. Challenge their memory

In order to improve your child’s IQ, you need to test them frequently. This can be done by challenging them in a fun manner.

For example, if you have finished reading a story to them, then ask them to tell you the same story back to you. You can ask them to count back the numbers aloud and test their ability to retain information. Or you can create certain patterns with colourful beads and see whether they can recreate the same pattern later.

  1. Introduce math concepts

Introduce mathematical concepts into your daily life to acquaint your child with the importance of math in life and to make them better on the subject. From a small age, ask them to identify the numbers and teach them to tell the time.

Introduce small time problems daily to build their quantitative aptitude which will help develop their IQ. Introduce fractions when talking them about their favourite food or talk about subtraction and addition while giving them chocolates.

  1. Make them take decisions

If you want your child’s IQ level to increase, then it is imperative that you ask them to take the decision on their own. Make them think out the solutions to their own problems. You can supply them with choices of course but let them make the final decision.

For example, if your child cannot get ready in time for school, then suggest some methods that would be effective and make them choose and adopt that method. Also, ask them about their opinion about various things. This will help them think better as well.

  1. Introduce exercises

If your child is not into exercises, then that might be one of the reasons why your child’s IQ level is not improving. Exercise helps your child’s body develop along with the brain as it stimulates growth. It relieves stress as it fills the brain with dopamine which allows you to be happy and stress-free and allows the brain to be productive.

  1. Allow them to revise

It is imperative that your child revises whatever has been taught to them. This allows them to recall information better. Schedule a particular time and devote it daily to revising the material which they have learned previously.

If they have read a story in literature, then ask them to revise it in order to remember all the relevant details from the story. You can also ask them to recant it later at a particular time, to test to memory.

  1. Make them practice

Practicing a particular element increases their cognitive performance and improves their IQ. So, make sure that your child has enough amount of practice. It allows them to retain the information for a longer period and enhances their memory as well.

  1. Allow them enough time to sleep

Without enough amount of sleep, your child’s intelligence level might suffer. Researches have proved that if your child loses even one hour of sleep, it might result in the loss of two years of cognitive performance.

Thus, it proves to be a huge setback. Sleep is important especially during the formative years and during the teenage period when the body and mind develops. So ensure that your child gets at least eight straight hours of sleep so that they can function to their best of abilities and improve their IQ as well.

You can always get help

If, however, you are still experiencing any problem with your child, then it is time to seek some professional help. If it concerns the mind of your child, then talk to a therapist and find out the problem that your child is facing. Even a psychiatrist can be of immense help here to figure out the best possible care that your child might need.

However, if you are concerned about the education they are receiving, then you can always enlist some extra help. You can employ a tutor or seek help from an online educational website to help them out. These websites help your child to encounter and overcome any issues that they might be facing.

Also, they explain the subject in such interesting and simple terms that it is easily understandable by any child, irrespective of their intelligence level. Thus, it helps strengthen the foundation of your child and help them progress further in life.

So, go ahead and employ these tips and see your child improve. Apart from these tips, your child should always be aware of your love and affection for them and more than anything. This helps them grow better and achieve their dreams.

“The best part of learning is sharing what you know.”