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About types of dividend policies
Taking about dividends and their policies, there are a number of them.

  • Regular dividend policies: In this type, dividend is paid at a usual rate. This type of dividend is preferred by people who are economically weak like widows and retired persons. This provided a stable and long earning for them.
  • Stable dividend policies: Stability here means a consistency in the payments of the dividends. A minimum fixed amount of dividend id paid regularly. There are three forms of the stable dividend policies: 1. per share constant dividend, 2. Constant pay out ratio, 3. Extra dividend in addition with stable rupee dividend.
  • Irregular dividend policies: This type is concerned where earnings are uncertain. It involves cases where business is not successful, liquid resource is scarce and the company’s financial standing is insecure, unpredictable and unreliable.
  • No dividend policies: This policy is sometimes followed by a company when the position of working capital is unfavorable. It also includes the case of capital requirements for future growth and expansions.

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