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What is turbomachinery?

It is defined as the machines that can surely transfer any energy that takes place in between a rotor and fluid. This may include the turbines as well as compressors.

  • In case turbine transfers the energy from fluid to rotor, a compressor can easily transfer energy from rotor to fluid.
  • There are two types of machines that actually perform on same relationship that acts on Newton’s second Law of Motion and also Euler’s energy equation for any compressible fluids.

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Types of turbo machines

You would come across with two different types of turbo machines:

  1. Turbines
  2. Pumps

Turbines are further divided into two different parts:

  1. Impulse turbine
  2. Reaction turbine

Pumps can be of following types:

  1. Centrifugal pump
  2. Reciprocating pump

While looking into depth of centrifugal pump you will understand that turbo machines can easily transfer energy from rotor to other fluid which can usually be in form of liquid while turbines and compressors can perform with help of gas.

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Different types of flow

Turbo machines can be further differentiated on basis of type of flow. When flow seems to be parallel to that of axis of rotation, then it is known as axial flow machines, but when the flow is perpendicular to axis of rotation, it is said to be radial flow machines. Two additional categories into which turbo machines can be classified:

  • Items that can absorb energy which helps to increase fluid pressure such as fans, compressors, pumps etc.
  • Items that can produce energy like turbines while expanding the flow in order to lower the pressure.

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